AKB48 Dating Sim; Yeah, for realz.

We’ve known about this for a little bit, but it was recently announced that all of the AKB48 members would be starring in a dating sim game. Basically you have to reject the other 47 and accept your Oshimen’s love.

ffff, no Mayuyu, I have to ignore you!!!

As a video game concept, I actually think this is pretty clever. Unlike most dating-oriented games, you don’t woo the girls; they’re all already in love with you. (Yeah, I know, a wota’s dream). However, you can only be with ONE girl, and therefore you have to ditch the other girls for your one favorite. This is quite unique, and i imagine if you dislike the certain girl that it could be quite refreshing.
Ahaha, Acchan, you’re not MY favorite; I reject YOU

Now, there’s a lot of debate as to whether a dating sim with real life people, esp. some of them being underage, is anything to be concerned with. However, from the descriptions of the game that have been provided, it sounds pretty innocent; the girls confess their love to you, no sex or anything. I mean, I bet it MUST have been awkward, especially for the younger girls, to be all “I love you” to the camera, but. 
Honestly, I’m a  BIT torn. On the one hand it feels a tiny bit creepy, and very very wota-focused. However, I bet it’ll make some decent money for AKB (with all sorts of special features for special editions), but that’s not really needed. 
I’m a bit torn because while I find it creepy… I kind of want it. ADMISSIONS. And since I doubt I’d be able to reject my Oshimen, so I’d have to end up with a 15-year-old.
Lovetan, gah, why are you so ADORABLE

Well. I guess I kind of want it. Um. Yeah. How much is a PSP again? 

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