Disappointment: Gathering my thoughts on Otome Sensou

If you’ve followed my blog even slightly you’ll know that Momoiro Clover has been my favorite idol group for some time now. I discovered them just as they were making their major debut and have been following them since. I’ve loved every single thing they’ve done since their release.

However, I am not crazy about Otome Sensou, their newest single song, and that’s kind of disappointing for me.

I just have to say that I don’t hate it. The song itself isn’t bad, though I don’t think it was written particularly well. There are elements of greatness, to be sure, but it’s not a very well written and arranged song in my opinion. The 7 minute song is too drawn out, has an empty arrangement in parts (the beginning of the first verse comes to mind, when it’s just fake-y sounding electronic piano and drums), and is kind of all over the parts. The build up of the song at the end is nice, but ultimately it leads back to the chorus which feels incredibly anti-climatic. You may disagree on how you think it was written; I know multiple people who would argue that it’s an incredibly well-written song and an excellent piece of music aside from it being idol music. However, there’s one problem that both I and other MomoClo fans have with it:

It doesn’t feel like Momoiro Clover Z.

MomoClo has changed over the years, from being an indie street idol group to being a group that had traditionally inspired idol costumes to being major debut Momoiro Clover to being Momoiro Clover Z. They always try new things, but they always feel like MomoClo. This doesn’t have the same energy that MomoClo is.

Others have mentioned that it’s experimental and good on MomoClo for trying it, which I agree. However, it’s probably not the best song for the A-Side, and while I appreciate people experimenting with groups this isn’t successful for me. I’m just really disappointed in how I feel about this single and what they tried to do with Otome Sensou, especially since I think the PV is one of their strongest yet.

So I’m pretty conflicted. On the one hand, I appreciate risk taking, but I think this song isn’t doing it very well. All in all, I’m disappointed, and sad to feel that way.

5 thoughts on “Disappointment: Gathering my thoughts on Otome Sensou

  1. I read your post and thought I’d go on YouTube and see what the fuss was all about. 😀

    Okay, after Akari cut her hair and said she was leaving, I pretty much bailed out as a fan of Momoiro Clover. However, I did like “Mugen no Ai” more than all the other songs MomoClo have released since Akari left, probably because Marty Friedman played guitar on it. This song is both a disappointment, as you said, as well as being typical of all of their songs. It’s not the best nor worst song I’ve heard from them, but I’m sure die-hard fans will appreciate it. True, it does not need to be 7 minutes long. It seems they were going for a “bigger is better” type of vibe, but that’s usually a bad idea.

    The music at the beginning of the video sounds suspiciously like David Arnold’s music from the American GODZILLA film from 1998. Maybe they were acknowledging a Japanese icon, while touching base on their Western audience. The video sort revolved around a laser tag / war game, which must be popular in Japan. Of course, there was CGI and explosions because this is a “bigger is better” variation of laser tag. The costumes were a bit silly, but this is MomoClo we’re talking about. Everything about them is silly. They want to be idol comediennes. Personally, I find it weird that the almost 19-year-old Reni (happy early birthday, Reni-chan!) is dressed up like this. I mean, if she were a children’s entertainer, it’d be normal. But she’s always been goofier than she should be, given her age. When it comes right down to it, maybe Momoiro Clover Z is supposed to be a children’s idol group. I’m certainly not buying this single, even though I do like kids idols. Kids idols should be the same age as the kids (example: Prizmmy). But I’m sure I’m over-analyzing things here, and you and everyone will completely disagree with me. It’s just my two cents.

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  3. Trust me, somehow this song work like magic. One may be a little disappointed at the first time, like me. But in the next day i woke up in the morning, unconsciously i mumbled this song over and over again until now.
    Well, they already prepared for the worst, just in case some people may feel uncomfortable by introduced PUSH and Mite-mite Kocchichi (which very momoclo-ish) first before this song MV released.
    One more thing, their wota seems to be more interested in analyzing any hidden truth behind the PV. And this lead to many more public speculation. Smart move if i can say.
    You can read that here: http://momoclomatome.com/archives/9166192.html

  4. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog, pretty nice, gonna follow it.

    I was a bit like you at first: “why 7 minutes?”, why it seems like they mixed three songs just to make it so long, too long.

    Then I listened to it sometimes, getting bit by bit used to it and I was slowly starting to enjoy it…
    Japan Expo, Momoiro Clover Z stealing the light, combining amazing dances and all what we love about them. I found myself really enjoying this song. I think it works better when you have the kakegoe in mind maybe… it’s even more “over the top”.

    Really, I hope that you’ll see it live someday and have the same reaction as me and one friend!

    You’re also a bro-fan of Ayaka… she’s absolutely gorgeous IRL too… Trust me.

    • Thank you 🙂 Honestly, Otome Sensou HAS grown on me since this post, but I still maintain that there are parts of the song that aren’t great. I think the chorus is ultimately a let down after the energy of the bridge and the lead ups to the chorus. However, I’ve gotten to the point where I like it a lot better than I did at first. I’ve seen filmed live versions, and I imagine seeing it live would be even better.

      And yes, A~rin is amazing <3

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