Momoiro Clover- Pinky Jones

OK, the PV to Pinky Jones, Momoiro Clover’s newest single came out. And I for one am saying what I’ve been saying for months now about MomoClo: They are currently the best idol group our there. I want to hesitate and say Ongaku Gatas, but they’re pretty inactive. Even in Gatas’ case, Momoiro Clover seriously is the best mesh of girls I’ve seen in a long time. They all work well together, are cute, are all about similar levels of vocal skills (good, not great, but they CAN do live singing and have done so), have great dancing and stage presence. Seriously, my praise for MomoClo does not end. They’re at this point my number one group I want to see when I go to Tokyo (though I’d admittedly rather see Rika or Ayaya).

Pinky Jones as a song is really catchy; when I first heard it I wasn’t too sure about it. However, it’s a fun/energetic song that I think is really MomoClo’s forte; energy. I was actually really surprised that there’s a fair amount of Akari in this PV; I have to say hesitantly that all the girls get about equal lines and screen time, which is good. The PV itself is really fun, albeit a tiny bit cheap looking. However, the fun girls more than make up for that. I was personally really happy to see more of Akari (my second favorite) and to see Ayaka (my favorite) get center position for an extended amount of time near the end; more shots for my cute favorite! I also liked that Ayaka and Akari got to do a lot of the non-dance/close up shots together; the two of them are really good friends, as they’re often together in a lot of clips o MomoClo doing things. This is why the two of them and Kanako (who is often hanging around them) are totally my picks if MomoClo ever does subgroup things.

Seriously though, I love all of them and I really love Pinky Jones. I think a lot of people were worried that MomoClo couldn’t beat Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo, and while I don’t know if other people think so, I think that if any song has a shot it’s Pinky Jones.

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