Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 part 6

Even more groups keep on getting added! At this point TIF has over 100 groups going, and since there isn’t a time table up yet I imagine even more could be added.

Apple Tale

Another group that has been promoted by Tsunku’s Tsuntube; even though I don’t necessarily like how Tsunku’s been promoting/working with his original groups, he tends to pick some indie winners to feature on TsunTube. A self-proclaimed rock unit, Apple Tale is a six member idol group. They’ve so far released five singles, the most recent is By Chance Wonderful.

According to Japanese wikipedia they also come from a Japanese net channel, Kunoichi TV, that supports female idols.

At this point, Apple Tale’s tricky to google (both as Apple Tale and in katakana, アップルテール)and I can’t find any individual songs other than performances on Tsuntube; if anyone has any, let me know!

Still, they seem cute, and if rock music is your thing you should give them a shot.


This is a much more famous group! E-Girls is an idol collective under Avex Trax that contains all the members of Dream, FLOWER and Happiness (plus two other members), and as such has 21 members making it a larger group. All of the groups have a cooler, more KPop influenced image than the standard idol group, so they definitely break out of the mold of the typical TIF group. E-Girls aren’t a youth-focused cutesy group. They’re also related to the popular Avex group EXILE, with the name of the group standing for EXILE Girls Unit.

As evidenced by the start of the PV to their second and latest single, One Two Three, E-Girls’ focus is really on their dancing, and they have a strong, KPop-influenced style to their dance. Unless some group really impresses me, of all the units at TIF E-Girls might have the strongest dancing. Their vocals are strong as well, focusing on deeper, strong vocals. They feel very much like a strong KPop female idol group, having the same attention to vocals, dance and overall presenting a polished product.

Ultimately, though, while they do come off very well, they feel slightly out of place among the rest of the TIF groups, who focus on the Japanese idol ideal of being a bit rougher and being personality driven. However, if you like female KPop groups or wish that Japanese idol groups were a bit more polished when it comes to their dancing and singing, E-Girls is definitely a group to check out.

OhaGirl Chu! Chu! Chu!

With possibly the cutest name ever, OhaGirl comes from the popular children’s TV show Oha-Star. Some of you might know it because some celebrities made their start on Oha-Star, including one of my favorite idols of all time, Sasaki Ayaka of Momoiro Clover (this is where her catchphrase A~rin da yo comes from). Others might know that various Hello!Project members have appeared on OhaStar, including notably Kusumi Koharu, Ogawa Saki (part of OhaGirl Maple, who did the single featuring S/Mileage), and now Ikuta Erina.

OhaKids are the young kids that Ayaka came from. OhaGirl, on the other hand, are the older, middle-school age hosts that make up the idol groups like OhaGirl Maple and now OhaGirl Chu! Chu! Chu!. So the three girls in OhaGirl Chu! Chu! Chu! are from the OhaGirls from Oha-Star. Most of these units are temporary, but various people from OhaStar did become more famous, so these three girls may be more famous one day.

In August OhaGirl Chu! Chu! Chu! are making their single debut with “Motto Gyutto Heart,” and since they made their debut in April they’re one of the newest/freshest idol groups to be appearing at this year’s TIF. Their ages range between twelve and fourteen, so they’re also fairly young. If you like cute girls, this should be a good group to follow, though OhaGirl groups rarely last too long.They also seem to focus on ribbon twirling as their thing, which would definitely be fun to watch for. Their first song/PV focuses on the ribbon twirling a lot, and while it’s not a spectacular song it’s amazingly cute and definitely isn’t bad, especially for this brand new group!


This is a pretty unknown group of two girls, the DJ Kurika and the other girl, Maki. According to the TIF site, while they’ve done other things, this is a new DJ unit for them. Their Ameblo site lists their introduction as being written on July 2nd, so they’ve either been pretty lowkey until then (they have one video of themselves on YouTube from March) or they might be the newest unit on the TIF stage. They also have twitter accounts as well as a Nico Nico Douga account.

It looks like they’re doing some self-promotion, so they may be one of the few idol groups where the members are the main driving force behind the group, which in my opinion makes them pretty interesting. They seem to be mostly into anime songs, so if you’re interested in Anison they would probably be an interesting group.

Other than that there’s not much to go off of, but they aren’t the typical group at TIF, that’s for sure, because of their inception as a group. Even though they’re so new, I do really like the two girls and I’d definitely be interested in seeing more of them!

Sakuragi Seira

Seira (romanized on the TIF site as Seila, on her ameblo URL as Seira and on her site as Seilah) is a solo artist who seems to be more of a music artist than a standard female idol (since she plays the guitar as well as sings). She comes from Stardust Promotions, the agency behind Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Aso Natsuko and others, so she comes from a very good, professional agency. She’s 19 years old, and has been active since 2008. Interestingly enough, her last video on YouTube was from 2011, so she hasn’t been doing too much.

Seira isn’t too active in general; she’s released one PV (After School) and one single.(Parachute/Emergency Love). She has a very pleasant voice, though it seems to be slightly shaky during live performances. I don’t know if she writes her own songs at all, but they’re pretty nice (I really like “Yes or No”, or at least the short snippet on her YouTube), and she’s definitely unique in that she’s able to perform by herself both singing and playing guitar.

Even though she hasn’t done that much, I really hope that she can use TIF to kickstart her career, because while she’s not so much an idol and isn’t the most charismatic girl ever, I like her and her voice. She’s definitely someone to follow if you prefer music artists; with some training, practice and promotion, I could potentially see her becoming an artist similar to Yui.

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