Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 Part 7

I’m trying to get caught up! To be honest I’m doubting I can have all these groups done by the time TIF does roll around; however, I’ll keep going and get them all done.


After debuting in 2009, Survive-Zero has the theme of being both cool and cute, as well as being a dance unit, focusing on dance above the music. There are four members, and recently they released their first album, Survive First From Zero. They actually come from the same agency, Finolia Factory, as the group choice? (my favorite idol group name) and the solo artist Rizumu.

While their songs that are online from their official YouTube sound good and have more of a rock tinge to their sound, I was a little disappointed by the pointed lack of dancing I saw in their videos. I know that they don’t necessarily want to move around much when they’re singing, but I expected more dancing from a “dance unit” and certainly more difficult dances than what I saw. That being said, their dancing is good and I like their singing; it just seems that describing them as a vocal and dance unit would be a bit more accurate.

They’ve released 13 singles in addition to this album, so they’re pretty active for an indie group! The couple of performances they’ve released online are very strong, so it seems like practice has paid off for them. They’re definitely a group you should check out if you like a rock sound to your idols; I have a feeling Passpo fans, for example, could find a lot to love in Survive-ZERO.

Sanspo Idol Reporter
Often shortened to SIR 2012, SIR is a group that was formed this year in February, auditioning for six girls. Sanspo is the nickname of the newspaper, Sankei Sports, and the twist about SIR 2012 is that they are supposed to be able to report on idols as well as be an idol group, so I think that part of their involvement at TIF won’t be just performing their recent debut single, but also reporting on the various idol groups performing at TIF.

In fact, while I’m not having much trouble finding very long videos of the girls in SIR 2012 talking, I’m having a bit of trouble finding stuff of them singing or performing. They have some sort of thing dealing with pachinko and amusement halls, and it looks like they have a show called “SIR 2012 Idol Reporter no Kiseki”

They might be interesting to follow if you really dislike idol music and just like it for cute girls. They are cute, and seem entertaining enough, reporting, but I just can’t find anything about their new single.

This is a tough group to search or, since they use the myu symbol in their name but sometimes spell their name as さんみゅー which is “sanmyu~”.Anyways, Sunmyu is the idol group from Sun Music (an agency) that is working primarily on Nico Nico Douga, AKA the Japanese YouTube. They post most of their things on their page HERE. They are a group of ten girls that their Nico page emphasizes are ‘real beginners’, meaning they haven’t been in a CD debut and they have to work their way up. This is emphasized by the fact that on their Nico site they have a lot of videos from various dance lessons and things, showing the process of the girls becoming idols.

“Beginner” idols is hardly a new concept; it used to be a strong rule that Morning Musume members had to be absolute beginners (I remember there was a minor controversy because Niigaki Risa appeared in a commercial before joining), and it’s a major focus of AKB48 (the fact that they’re unpolished and resemble an actual classroom of girls). However, Sunmyu seems to be taking this to a new level, so if that’s your favorite part of idols they might be a interesting group.


First of all, the G in G*Girls stands for Gravure. So straight away that fact that gravure is so important that it’s in their name should give some of you an idea if you’ll love or hate the group. It was formed in September of last year and it has seven members (at least in their TIF profile picture; there are nine girls on their official site profiles)! All the girls are over 18, so if underage gravure bugs you then G*Girls won’t hurt that. They all auditioned through the Miss FLASH 2011 gravure competition; four of the girls are the winners, five are runners-up. As such, all of the idols are gorgeous.

Even though gravure is the obvious focus of the group, their motto is that they’ll sing, dance and do gravure. They’ve released one single so far, Mahou wo Kakete Love Me Do, which is a pleasant if a bit forgettable cute pop track. It’s a bit interesting they chose to go for a cuter sound, since on their website they compare themselves to KPop acts KARA and SNSD, but it’s cute. The first half of the PV is a collection of the girls posing in skimpy outfits, much like a making of for a gravure shoot, and the second half is the lessons and preparations leading up to their first public appearance, which was actually at last year’s Tokyo Idol Festival.

Basically, this is the type of group that will appeal if what you’re looking for is fanservice and beautiful women doing gravure. Before reading this post you probably would know if this group is for you, and I won’t be able to convince you otherwise.


CQC’s’ name stands for for “Campus Queen Collection Stars,” which is fitting because they’re all around college age. They are a local unit from Fukuoka and mostly make media appearances around there. Their number count is a bit confusing; they had nine members and two just graduated this July, but in their latest single (in April 2012) there are ten members, so that’s a bit odd. Regardless, their profile on their site and their group picture say that there are seven members in CQC’s.

Not much is apparent about these girls and they seem to be, by all accounts, a fairly standard idol group. However, for their relative inexperience, their singles and PVs feel very polished, in a way local/indie idol groups rarely feel. While their first PV/song ‘Namida no Request’ isn’t necessarily bad, the group shines in Fuwafuwa Precious, their third and latest single. It’s an upbeat and outright catchy idol tune, that vaguely reminds me of some of the stuff for Tsunku’s TNX idol groups (which isn’t a bad thing at all; many of Tsunku’s best songs past the golden era of H!P were in TNX). The girls are all cute and energetic and none of them are phoning it in at all. The video is far better than a lot of indie/smaller acts, and is flat out made well. They all seem like they’re enjoying themselves a lot, which shows in the making of video for Fuwafuwa Precious.

Honestly, of all the groups I didn’t follow before working on this TIF post, CQC’s might be on the top of my list of “groups to look out for.” I’m very glad I discovered them!

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