A New Review Series? Serenyty Wants Your Help!

Hey all,

One of the things that I really want to do is to expand my idol-interest horizons. While working on my Tokyo Idol Festival posts, I realized that there really is a lot of great groups out there that I just don’t follow. Even more, there are groups I’ve only really scratched the surface with, and that I don’t know if I’ve given a fair amount of time to.

So, I’ve decided to start a new series of reviews, in which I give my opinions on an idol album for a group that I don’t normally follow very much. Groups, major debut and indie, that for whatever reason I haven’t spent a lot of time following. This review might not make me change my mind about them, but hopefully I can give a relatively unbiased opinion on said group and possibly gain a new appreciation.

That being said, I’d like the help of the readers in suggesting albums I should do. If you think I should do a different album by one of the groups, tell me, and I can change it. If you have a group I completely forgot about, please tell me, and I can do it.

The groups that I’m excluding from this are:

Anything 48 groups (including subunits) (includes Nogizaka46)
Anything from Stardust Promotions (MomoClo Z, Ebichu, etc.)
Anything from Hello!Project/UFA/TNX/etc.
Sakura Gakuin (and related groups, i.e. Babymetal), MMJ, or Station
Classic idols (i.e. Matsuda Seiko, Pink Lady, Onyanko Club)
Korean pop groups (focusing on Japanese idols right now, even though KPop groups have gotten Japanese debuts)

There are other indie idol groups I follow, but they’ve either not released an album that I can get a hold of or I still don’t follow them enough to disqualify them.

Some of the albums I’m planning on reviewing:

Super*Girls: Everybody JUMP
Tokyo Girls’ Style: Limited Addiction (I can’t decide between this or Kodou no Himitsu; thoughts?)
Passpo: CHECK-IN (or their newest album)
Idoling!!!: SISTERS
9Nine: 9Nine
LinQ: Love in Qushu ~LinQ dai ichi gakushou~
Fudanjuku: Friends or OTOKO
Tomato n’Pine: PS4U
Vanilla Beans: Vanilla Beans II or III
JK21: JK21 Yanen

So if you have suggestions, please tell me, and I’m going to try to have a first review up in a couple of weeks!

7 thoughts on “A New Review Series? Serenyty Wants Your Help!

  1. Definitely Tokyo Girls’ Style. They do a lot of really interesting things in their pvs and their vocals are quite strong. There has really only been two or so singles I didn’t love from them. I really enjoyed both their albums and I’d love to read what you think. ^_^

    • I’ve heard only positive things about TGS music, and I feel like I haven’t given them a full shot. They’re actually a big reason why I’m doing this series.

  2. Oh wow, I was totally ready to type “Tokyo Girl’s Style – Limited Addiction,” but then I scrolled to see it right there xD

    Let’s seeee….
    ~ Perfume – JPN
    ~ Kyary – Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
    ~ Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dulce
    ~ capsule – PLAYER
    ~ capsule – STEREO WORXXX
    ~ Aira Mitsuki x Saori@destiny – x~PARK OF THE SAFARI

    Hopefully they all fit your criteria! xD

    • Haha, to be honest Tokyo Girls’ Style is one of the reasons I’m doing this; I’ve heard a lot of people be VERY positive about them, and I don’t know if I’ve given them a fair listen. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Limited Addiction, so it seems right to do it.

      I’m tending to focus more on idol groups right now… however, giving those albums a shot might be good. The one I don’t know about is Pamyu Pamyu Revolution, simply because I quite frankly LOVE it. I bought it on iTunes a while back and I listen to it quite a bit. It’s probably going to be up there with my favorite albums of 2012. So I might not talk about it, at least in this series.

      • You see, outside of the 48’s and Hello! Project, I’m quite clueless about idol groups. xD I went with groups/artists that are a bit lesser known to the blogosphere haha~ Sorry for not mentioning any idol groups like I should have–stupid me xD

        However, if you do give those a try, I hope you enjoy them! 😀

  3. A must :

    Tokyo Girls Style – Limited Addiction
    Idoling!!! – SISTERS

    I’d say between Koudou no Himitsu and Limited Addiction, the later would be a better choice since it kinds of represent the direction of the group now. Especially with Limited Addiction, Liar, Sparkle and Tsuioku. While Koudou no Himitsu is just as good, (Sayonara Arigatou, Onnaji Kimochi, Kirari and Ganbatte Itsudatter is a canon song afterall) they are now definitely pushing towards the Limited Addiction image. Bad Flower says it all.

    Idoling!!! SISTERS is just about the variety and experimentation. A lot of fun.

    • I’m actually halfway through reviewing Limited Addiction and it should be one of the first posts I do in this (it depends on if I’m motivated to finish that or any other album first.

      I’ve wanted to be an Idoling!!! fan for years and I really love a lot of their stuff, but I just haven’t been super motivated; hopefully this will work!

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