Top 5 Idol Promotions!

Idols sell a lot of stuff. A loot. So, here’s my top list of the five idol commercial/cross-promotions that I find to be the most interesting/fun.

5. W Sells Cannibal Pancakes. 

I really wanted to put the one where W sells acne cream instead of this, but the idea of W force feeding pancakes to pancakes is kind of hilarious; W promotes cannibalism folks. No wonder Kago and Tsuji had scandals.

4. Morning Musume sells Pocky!

It’s a classic, what can I say? Ishiyoshi at the end, Morning Musume being chased by a gorilla who is probably Tsunku with his creeper face at the end. Also, Morning Musume did a LOT with Glico and pocky, having Yes! Pocky Girls on the 5th album and a 2 minute video of each member tasting mousse pocky and going “OH IT’S LIKE SEX IN THE MOUTH.” So. Classic gets 4th.

3. “Yes, I need to sell some tea. Or crackers. Or rice. Or soap?” “Call Matsuura Aya!”

Kind of cheating, but seriously. Ayaya can sell ANYTHING. The above is Ayaya singing with a couple of models backdancing. Uh, yeah, that made me want to buy some pretz.

^THAT is to sell tea. I don’t even know what’s going on. But I feel like a lot of the time advertisers are like “what to do to sell tea… CALL AYA.”

She just sings. And pours tea. And this is considered effective sales tactics. Therefore, Ayaya can sell anything to anyone.

2. What do I want for Dinner? Ohhhhhhh MEAT!! 😀

Again, slightly cheating. It’s Rika. But seriously; “Hmm, we want to sell meat… Ishikawa Rika singing and dancing!” And apparently this song (Rika singing different types of beef products) was played in grocery stores. Kind of fantastic. I approve.

1. “Buy this juice to drink it with me!” *WOTA BUY JUICE*

Seriously, this is the best promotion ever. Get the most popular idol group right now and get them to dress up as vegetables and sing a song involving vegetable names. It’s even a catchy song; I’ve found myself going around singing “yasaiiii oh woah woah shisutazu!” to myself before I even realized I was singing about vegetables.

Even though this is really catchy as a song and is really entertaining as a PV (I have this deep love for the costumes; I WANT the asparagus costume Sae is wearing. I’d wear it out and about.) the real genius here is in the other videos that exist.

That’s right. A video that’s JUST your idols drinking juice. The title has “together” in it so I assume the video’s basically “drink juice with me!” If this isn’t an amazing tactic I don’t know what is. “I want to drink juice with my idol! Let’s go out and buy this brand so I can feel connected to Lovetan/Miichan/Acchan/whoever.” The sad thing is, if I were in Japan I’d totally do that.

So therefore, the Yasai Sisters of AKB48 are THE best idol promotions ever!

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