Momoiro Clover Z Becomes Bigger and Bigger

For a group that started out doing performances on the street and for small audiences, Momoiro Clover Z has become really big. As a long time fan of the group it’s exciting and interesting to see where this group has gone over the years. While I haven’t liked every turn they’ve made (i.e. my very poor review of their single Otome Sensou) this group has worked really hard to get to the heights they are at right now.

Momoiro Clover Z performs at Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Performing at the major annual New Year’s event has been Momoclo’s goal for quite some time, and this year they finally achieved it. This is an achievement only major artists make, so it really establishes Momoiro Clover Z as being a major force within the Japanese music industry. While of course AKB48 is there and SKE48 is there, no other major idol groups are there (though other young female artists like Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu were there). This establishes Momoiro Clover Z as being a force to be reckoned with, potentially second only to AKB48 and the other 48 groups.

The best part of their performance, however, was with their second song, Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo. In the song they famously chant their names, and since they became Momoiro Clover Z sing “Reni Kanakooo (elongating Kanako) Shiori Ayaka Momoka.” However, at Kouhaku they sang the original “Reni Kanako Akari Shiori Ayaka Momoka”, in honor of Hayami Akari. If you watch the performance they point to the camera during her name, as if they brought Akari with them to Kouhaku. This is a very sweet gesture as MomoClo remembers their roots and their most prominent graduated member.

Momoiro Clover Z has a popular wikipedia page

This is a bit silly, really, but recently on aramatheydidnt a list of the most viewed Wikipedia articles in Japan was posted () which shows that Momoiro Clover Z is the most viewed page after AKB48 and then a list of AV actresses. Still, being 3rd isn’t bad, and shows that a good deal of people have interest in them.

The future?
Today, Momoiro Clover Z declared their goal is to perform in the Kokuritsu Stadium, which will be undergoing renovation in a year so it’s a major race against time. This is a huge venue in Japan, where only four artists have ever performed. This is kind of a long shot and a really big goal, but Momoiro Clover Z is aiming to become more and more popular.

Can I see it happening? Yes. Momoiro Clover’s rise from small group has been astronomical, and in less than two years they’ve gone from their major debut single to performing at Kouhaku Uta Gassen and being one of the biggest acts in Japan. While I miss the days when they were a smaller, more personal group, I think if any current group can be the biggest idol group it’s MomoClo. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, sale-wise with their second album (which was confirmed today). While their single sales are good, their first album (Battle & Romance) sold very well. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s a trend, especially considering how much more popular they’ve become since Battle & Romance was released.

Still, despite a few small issues, I’m really excited to see where Momoiro Clover Z goes into the future!

5 thoughts on “Momoiro Clover Z Becomes Bigger and Bigger

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  2. I remember the first time I had heard of the group and listened to Ikuze, Kaito (forget the rest but I know it’s their debut song)! They have a lot of energy and I think that’s Japan likes about them too. Just by looking at their performance of Ikuze at the Kohauku Uta Gaussen there you can tell but they also seem to get tired from singing quickly. They seem a bit dorky as well.

    In 2013, I would like to take an interest more into them so please recommend me some songs by the girls to listen to. I already like Momoka anyways.

    • Honestly, the getting tired bit I THINK was mostly just the excitement/nerves of performing at Kouhaku. Kouhaku has been MomoClo’s major long-term goal to reach, so the fact they actually made it was super exciting. None of them are really the best singers live, but they do a good job of combining singing and dancing live with a TON of energy. They are really dorky and fun.

      Hm, recommendations…..
      Obviously you know Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo, but the B-Side to it, Hashire, is also excellent.
      One of the other songs to know as a MomoClo fan is Ano Sora e Mukatte, but that’s mostly for the “Sekai no Momokuro Number 1” chant.
      Anything off of Battle & Romance is good, especially Wani to Shampoo and Kono Uta.
      Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei is important because that’s the first song from their rebranding from Momoiro Clover to Momoiro Clover Z.
      Roudou Sanka and Santa-san is good.

      Honestly, I haven’t been as fond of their last two singles (Otome Sensou and Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo) but they’re still by all accounts pretty good, and I’ve recently grown fonder of Saraba. All their singles are different ad pretty nice.

  3. to be honest im a new momoclo fan , i saw their z densetsu mv last year and i was like wtf is this , they i horrible i said, but the reff of that song still cling in my ear for months , ware wa aidoru shumatsu heroine momokuro…i cant never forget that part lol

    But when when their latest single become a soundtrack for a dorama ( Akumu-chan) which i followed, my opinion of them has change that song is so good, i decide to look for their previous releases, and bang i found Ikuze kaito shojo. Wow that song is stunning and become my favorite since then and also i began to love Shiorin in Z densentsu mv i miss her twintail so much.

    Im glad they performing on kohaku , i love to see them tackle the 48 kingdom, there’s only 5 of them but kicking so much ass , i like that a lot. Im looking forward to their future , they are the true heroines of idol groups.

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