New PBs AKA Serenyty will be very happy and poor

Sorry I haven’t updated in over two weeks; finals decided to be really tough on me. But I made it through it and I plan on writing more.

First up, the other day Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin graduated from Morning Musume. Now, I’m no particular fan of either of these girls; I liked them, but they weren’t necessarily my favorites. But they will definitely be missed from Morning Musume, and I know the first performance or appearance I see without them will be very saddening. No matter how high these girls are on your list, graduations are always very sad, at least to me, and I know I’ll miss these girls; I can only hope that JunJun and LinLin stay in the business.

However, recently there’s been some happier news!

Ex-Morning Musume member Ishikawa Rika, AKA my #1 favorite idol forever is releasing her 11th solo photobook! It’s called Lucky and she’s releasing it on her birthday, January 19th 2011. As a big fan and supporter of Rika, this is wonderful news, and I plan on buying/pre-ordering it soon. Rika’s proven to be a favorite with photobooks, considering she already has 10 of them under her belt, so they’re always really fun and really good. 
And finally, probably more exciting for me…
Mitsui Aika is FINALLY releasing a photobook!!!

I LOVE Aika. Mittsi’s one of my favorite idols and I’ve always wanted her to get a photobook. Aika has actually wanted one of her own for a long time as well, often mentioning it in her New Year’s wishes and things like this. She’s releasing her photobook on January 26th and she also gets a solo DVD as well.
I’m really excited; honestly, Aika has more fans than a lot of people give her credit for, and she really deserves to get some kind of a push. I hope this moves up her sales some and helps her gain some fans!
Rika hasn’t posted any previews of any sort, but on the Up Front channel there’s a preview of Aika’s DVD; already it’s getting some buzz because Aika definitely has cleavage that people haven’t really noticed before.

So yay, two excellent releases for the month of January!

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