Happy Birthday Idolminded!

Today is the 1st birthday of the incredible Idolminded. Or, if you will, Idolminded’s Hajimete no Happy Birthday.

I’ve greatly enjoyed working on and with the lovely people at Idolminded. Thanks to the efforts of Ray, Thennary Nak and Chiima, the long-term contributors who have kept this going. Even before I joined the staff of Intl Wota I’ve enjoyed the Rec Reading posts, because they’re honestly a really helpful resource. Keeping up something daily like this is no small task, and it’s become a fantastic resource. Adding in fun things like the Haikucandy and daily idol thoughts, Idolminded has really become an excellent resource for idol bloggers and idol fans alike. This is something I’m really grateful and lucky to be a part of, because I’m so proud of the quality of Idolminded.

If you haven’t seen yet, Idolminded is doing hourly posts (as opposed to the standard daily posts) in honor of its first birthday, so check it out!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Idolminded!

  1. Happy Birthday indeed! I’m so happy to have connected with so many bloggers, even if I’m terribad at leaving comments 😛 Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you! =D

      Ha, I wish I could be better at leaving comments! I guess the fact I rec a lot of my favorite posts on Idolminded makes things a bit better, but there are too many posts I love but just.. don’t comment on. 🙂 But I’m so grateful for this idol blogging community, and it’s something I want to grow better at in the coming year(s).

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