Announcement: Happy Disco is Now Becoming Hallyu Disco

Hey guys,

So I bet you’ve noticed that in the past few months I haven’t fulfilled my promise to post as much. While part of this has been about being a busy student, I haven’t been completely truthful with you guys. I’ve slowly been in a bit of an idol funk, and I’m losing all interest in female idols.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma; I don’t want to stop blogging, but Japanese idol groups don’t do it for me anymore. So I’ve come up with a solution that I hope all of you can support me with, and if you read my blog I really hope you keep reading it. Instead of covering things that happen in the Jpop idol world, I’m going to focus more on the KPop world. Specifically Super Junior, because they’re SERIOUSLY the best thing out there right now.

Honestly, if you don’t think that’s the greatest group you’ve ever seen, you’re a LIAR.

I also don’t like writing in depth and I’ll mostly be posting vids/photos of my faves. Because they’re so sexy. Especially Siwon, jesus christ what did I ever see in Rika.

So Happy Disco is now becoming Hallyu Disco, as soon as I fix the banner and stuff.

5 thoughts on “Announcement: Happy Disco is Now Becoming Hallyu Disco

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    • haha, the only people that have fallen for this, even seeing that date, were my mom and my sister, no joke. 🙂

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