Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 is upon us!

For everyone who didn’t guess yesterday, my announcement about “Hallyu Disco” was only an April Fools’ Day joke. So far most of you caught on, but I fooled my mom and my sister, who were so confused as to why I was giving up on JPop.

Earlier, one of the big reasons I could never quit blogging about JPop showed up, and that’s the brief preview for this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival! It’s going to be July 27th and 28th, and while only 7 acts are listed (Idoling!!!, AeLL, Sakura Gakuin, The Possible, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Negicco and Vanilla Beans), I’m sure there are going to be many excellent groups showing up.

Since I’ve been doing write-ups of all the groups going for the past couple of years, and especially since the past couple of years I’ve found it tough to get every act, especially since they add more later, I’m going to do things a bit differently.

First off, I’m going to hold off on doing my artist write-ups until later; until more are added. They always add people in later, but I’m holding off while there are only¬† 7 acts listed, especially since they’re 7 big ones that people know more than some of the others.

My first couple of posts will then detail a bit more of last year’s TIF, specifically the various areas/stages. Since the venue is the same as the others, I expect that many of the ideas will stay the same.

Finally, I would like to do more posts than artist introductions; if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see from TIF, let me know!

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