I’m so sorry you guys

Just typing this in between studying to say I’ve missed Happy Disco.

Tbqh my idol fandom isn’t the same when I’m not writing this; I can watch a PV and be like “Oh that’s nice” without analyzing it deeply. But where’s the fun in that?

My idol fandom is in a weird place right now. I’m going to compare it to a marriage and say that we’ve just gotten past the giddy honeymoon phase. It’s at the point where if I’m not super interested in idols I’d quit; it’s way past the “ooh, this is new and shiny!” phase. I still love idols, don’t worry. It’s just less new and sparkly.

The real reason I haven’t posted in fff two months is because school is evil. I’m aiming to work in TV production in my future and my school doesn’t offer that as an option for classes. So I’m trying to figure out my future. In the meantime I was planning on studying abroad in Tokyo… and now there’s an abundance of natural disasters. At this point I’m 99% that those plans are cancelled so I’m trying to figure out some new plans so that I can see the world like I want to.

I’m planning on trying and posting more here, but it can’t be all the time until summer. Even then I’m hoping to have a job and an internship.

MAN REAL LIFE. It always screws up my internet fandoms.

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