Tokyo Idol Festival 2013: The Acts Part 10


Supre Power is a unit with the concept of “Asian Beat” that was formed in 2010. The first thing I thought of with this group was “KPop” and apparently that is part of their goal: performing internationally. Jinny, the center member, has apparently made a solo debut in South Korea and has done a lot of traveling. Supre Power as a group has performed in Taiwan, so they’re aiming to be more of an Asian pop group rather than a JPop group.

Currently the group has four members: Rin, Anna, Jinny and Sarah, who are all in their early-mid twenties. They’ve already performed on TV and done a solo live concert already, which makes them a fairly accomplished group. However, I don’t think they’ve put out any singles or albums yet.

I like them; the few performances they have online are pretty good, and there’s a lot of potential. I personally don’t listen to a lot of KPop and can’t see myself following them much more, but if you’re really into the Kpop style of music and performance, this could be a group you might like.


I’ll be brief with Super Girls, since I’ve talked about the rest of the Idol Street groups. Basically, Super Girls is the flagship idol unit from Avex’s Idol Street, which really was a pretty unprecedented move by Avex. Created in 2010, Super Girls was created as a direct competition to AKB48; at their first press conference, they talked a lot about trying to compete with AKB. Currently they have 10 members, after one graduated and the other left in scandal.

Super Girls is definitely up there in terms of well-known idol units; I’d say they’re the next on the list after 48/46, Hello!Project and Stardust. Their latest single, Tokonatsu Hightouch, sold over 75000 copies in its first week, an impressive number. They’ve really made a name for themselves as a successful idol group backed by Avex. While Tokyo Girls’ Style, Avex’s first idol unit in years, has maintained a lot of the style I’d expect from an avex group, Super Girls are pure idols.

Personally, I have some issues with how the group is run and with how the younger girls are presented within the group. However, these are personal issues, and Super Girls stands as a really solid group with a high production value. If you haven’t already checked out Super Girls by now, you may want to check them out, because they’re becoming a force in the idol world.


This image already got me interested; if their TIF profile pic is this wacky, imagine what the group itself will be like! Spangirl is a five member unit from Gunma prefecture, and it sounds like their goal is to promote Gunma as much as possible. By looking on their website ( it looks like they have a very strong social media presence, which is a really great asset for many of these indie idol groups. The girls themselves are all on twitter as well, so that’s helpful for international fans! They’ve released one single, Yukemuri Bishoujo, which they put out last winter.

They’re still a fairly new group, but I like them; I have a soft spot for local idols, and this seems like a fun, silly group. Yukemuri Bishoujo’s a pretty good song for such a small group, and I really like this group’s vibe. I’m actually planning on linking the PV making of, because I think they’re really at their best when they’re silly and fun.

Ultimately, it’s a bit tough to tell right away about a group. However, my first impression of Spangirl’s a really good one, and I wish them the best.

Through Skills

I follow a lot of people on twitter. One of the biggest reasons is because I tend to follow every indie idol act I come across. This group might be the biggest group to follow as an active twitter user; Through Skills was formed via twitter. All the members are active on twitter, and it seems to be an internet savvy group!

Unfortunately, their twitter participation is where their internet savvy ends. Their website is barely functional and finding more stuff on them online is very difficult. Which is unfortunate, because I’m very intrigued by the little I’ve seen.

I think tif they could get their act together, Through Skills could be a good unit. But it’s just a matter of getting it organized well, and I don’t trust that that will happen.

Sexy All Sisters


I don’t know why I love talking about Sexy All Sisters, but something about the group intrigues me. It’s mostly just how blatant they all are; they’re a fanservice group. They know it, their fans know it. There’s nothing subtle about Sexy All Sisters; they’re going to sing about boobs, and do so with gusto.

However, I don’t know how the group is going. Last I checked they haven’t put out stuff in years, and this year’s TIF pic is only one member, not the multitude of fanservice groups we know and love. Their website is defunct, as well. What is the fate of Sexy All Sisters? 🙁

Since I don’t know, I’ll link my favorite song by them and hope that news comes soon.

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