30 Day Idol Challenge- Day 1

Anyone who reads this, hello! I’ve neglected this lovely blog for so long, mainly because of school. I love Happy Disco, but man the long posts I tend to do are a pain. So, to get myself back in blogging, I found this challenge at selective-hearing.com. I’ll be posting every single day about idols, and it shall be glorious.

Day 1: Your favorite Idol

Only one answer for me….

The lovely Ishikawa Rika.

I thought of a couple of other options; AKB48’s Oota Aika, for one. My Hello!Project fandom isn’t as strong as my AKB fandom is, nowadays, and Oota is my favorite there. However, when it comes to being an idol fan, no one lives up to Rika.

There are a million reasons why I love her, but it’s mainly her funny and sweet personality. She’s such a caring person, caring for her juniors and seniors at work alike. She’s always hilarious to watch. 

One thing that I personally love about her is that she’s really passionate about her work and loves to sing/perform. Even though I’m in the minority in that I love her voice, both recorded and live, regardless of how you feel about her singing voice she’s a wonderful and passionate performer.

Skip to five minutes in here. She’s not the greatest singer, but the level of emotion and passion she sings with is mindblowing.

I’ve somewhat moved on from the H!P fandom, sadly, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is how fantastic I find Rika.

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