Your Thoughts: Idols in America

As expected for my first Idol Thoughts post, I didn’t get that much responses. The people who I talked to and didn’t comment seemed fairly skeptical about the concept of an idol group in the US. A friend of mine thought that an American girl group would inevitably end up selling sex and being a failure. This is kind of a common sentiment, and an interesting thought; could a girl group be not a sexy group and succeed in the US? I’m not sure if it could.

Mara from Fly in the F*Ing Wine commented: OMG I still have that B*Witched CD! That is awesome! Girl Radical kind of sounds like an R & B version of FAKY to me. The makeup of the group also really looks like a group that Japanese fans envisioned an American AKB looking like. I hope it takes off, but I’m not overly optimistic about it.

Cool to see another person had a B*Witched CD! Makes me wonder if there are any common links between music that people followed before they got into idols; while I’ve been into indie rock for sometime, when I was in elementary school I was way into the Radio Disney type pop groups (B*Witched, S Club 7, *NSYNC, etc), which I really consider the precursor to my idol fandom.

I also really like the makeup of the group; I’m glad to see that it seems like a really diverse bunch of girls, and not just a group of all-white, tall skinny girls. This is the most positive of the group as of yet, IMO.

But I share your sentiment, and I think that’s a commonly-heard one. I’m skeptical and not sure it’ll do well, but I definitely hope it does well.

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