30 Day Idol Challenge List of days

So, since I’m not as into H!P as I have been, I was a bit stuck. I wanted to talk more about AKB, MomoClo and other idol groups as opposed to JUST H!P in this challenge. So, my friend Dani (who’s doing it too, on her Tumblr Quagsirechannel), edited this to be more generic idol stuff:

Day 01: Your favorite Idol.

Day 02: An Idol you hate/dislike.

Day 03: If you were a guy, who would be your girlfriend?

Day 04: If this Idol were a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

Day 05: Your favorite Idol group.

Day 06: Your favorite subunit.

Day 07: Your favorite Idol pairing.

Day 08: Which Idol’s voice do you like best?

Day 09: Which Idol’s voice do you dislike?

Day 10: Your favorite “undebuted” Idol (Hello! Pro Egg, AKB48 Kenkyuusei, etc.)

Day 11: Your favorite solo Idol.

Day 12: Your favorite Hello! Project member.

Day 13: Your favorite AKB48 member.

Day 14: Your favorite Idoling!!! member.

Day 15: Your favorite Momoiro Clover member.

Day 16: Your favorite Idol from a group not listed above.

Day 17: The first Idol you noticed.

Day 18: Favorite Idol concert.

Day 19: Which Idol would you like to be for 1 day?

Day 20: An Idol you admire.

Day 21: An Idol who has charisma.

Day 22: Favorite outfit an Idol has worn.

Day 23: Your favorite ex-Idol.

Day 24: An Idol that is not one of your favorites but you admit that they’re good.

Day 25: Your favorite Idol who is NOT Japanese.

Day 26: An Idol whose character you like.

Day 27: An Idol you have a particular appreciation for.

Day 28: An Idol who reminds you of someone special or that was special.

Day 29: In your opinion, who is/was the best leader of an Idol group?

Day 30: Why do you love Idols?

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