30 Day Idol Challenge Day 8

lol I’m late.

Day 08: Which Idol’s voice do you like best?

This is a bit controversial in American idol fandom, but I REALLY don’t care about voices that much. If a voice is annoying I’ll dislike it, but it’s not 100% necessary for an idol to be really skilled at singing. I love voices that are traditionally seen as “bad.”

I guess I have two examples; the first is of course, Ishikawa Rika. I LOVE her voice to pieces. Some people hate it, and I just think a couple things. First off, singing live IS a bit tougher on her, since she does have a pretty low lung capacity and asthma; she has some breathing issues, so when she’s dancing around singing live isn’t so easy. However, I love her voice ESPECIALLY in non-traditional things, like Dekiru Onna and in As For One Day. That’s where her voice shines; it’s so hauntingly beautiful. 

I LOVE Rika’s voice as the first line here. She’s good enough to be a soloist, IMO. If she sang more things that sounded like Dekiru Onna I would love everything.

However, my current vocal love is AKB48’s Natori Wakana. Wakanyan is ridiculously talented, even for being a research student, and I want nothing more than for her to get lots and lots of solos with this voiiice. I normally don’t care about vocals, but when they’re as beautiful as Wakanyan’s she MAKES me care about hearing her more and more.

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