30 Day Idol Challenge Day 12

Day 12: Your favorite Hello! Project member.

Now, this one’s a BIT tougher, because I haven’t been into H!P for a while and my tastes have changed since I started to follow AKB over H!P. I COULD say Rika, and that would be true to an extent, but she’s not a current H!P member. 

However, I’ll have to go with…

The lovely Mitsui Aika.

I know that she has a lot of haters out there, but I have no idea WHY. She’s one of the sweetest members ever, very kind, has a fun personality and isn’t a bad singer at all. In fact, the relentless hate of Aika from both the non-Japanese and the Japanese fan community is part of why H!P isn’t my main deal any more. I love Aika, and her Nine Smile muffler towel on my wall is one of my idol treasures.

Runners up to Ikuta Erina (I LOVE her) and Yajima Maimi. These three are really the last bits of current H!P I love.

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