30 Day Idol Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Your favorite AKB48 member.

This is super ridiculously easy for me…

Just from looking at my blog, it’s pretty easy to see that I’m a huge Ishikawa Rika fan. However, what’s not as apparent is my undying affection for AKB48’s Oota Aika.
First, you can obviously see she’s cute. I really do go for the cute types, so straight away I noticed her adorableness, her one dimple, and the fact that lolita clothes REALLY suit her. 

Then I noticed her on stage; Lovetan (best nickname ever, am I right?) always looks like she’s having a blast on stage. She’s not the best singer or dancer, at least technically, but she’s always really fun to watch in performances. This next performance in particular is REALLY fun to watch, especially near the end, to see how fun Lovetan is.

Then I started to learn about her personality; Lovetan is a HUGE anime nerd, and talks about it nonstop on her blog, and is really not afraid to say anything about that. She is slightly sharp-tongued, but in an adorable way. Basically, Lovetan is pretty honest and says what she means, which I think is a good quality in an idol, since so many idols are kind of fake. This ends up being kind of funny, because while she often complains about being harassed by Sashihara Rino, she later complains about being neglected by Sashiko. Ahh, Lovetan, you can’t get it both ways.

She’s also a Miichan wota, which ends up being an adorable thing.

And a while ago I was able to watch Lovetan’s birthday LOD, where she was read the SWEETEST message from Iwasa Misaki, who talked about Lovetan being really nice and inclusive to Wasamin, even back when Wasamin was a kenkyuusei, and now they’re close friends. It’s the sweetest thing and Lovetan ends up crying, as did I, when I first heard it.

Lovetan is an amazing, funny, wonderful AKB48 member. She has a fantastic personality, cute appearance, cute voice and great performance skills. I’m always proud to be Lovetan oshi, because she’s just THAT amazing.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Idol Challenge Day 13

  1. I'm surprised your favorite isn't Tomomi Kasai, because I consider her AKB's Rika, but I love Rabutan (engrish way of saying Lovetan).

  2. I love Tomo~mi, but surprisingly she's not in my top 10. I don't know, I just have eclectic taste in idols. Rabutan is just my favorite, though.

    (though I'm very much convinced that Momoiro Clover's Sasaki Ayaka is the second coming of Rika.)

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