30 Day Idol Challenge Day 14

Day 14: Your favorite Idoling!!! member.

Ah, Idoling!!!. If I pretended to know more than the basics about them I’d be lying. I do know, however, that I LOVE their song Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hotogisu Hatsukoi 

However, of all the members, the one that really catches my eye and that I’ve enjoyed seeing once in a while in AKBIdoling!!! stuff is…

Yazawa Erika!

While mostly known by non-Idoling!!! fans as the one with the really big breasts, she just has a really fun attitude. In the PV for Me ni wa Aoba… she does wotagei and ends up really having fun with the whole thing. I once heard that she hurt herself and couldn’t do a concert because she was HEADBANGING too hard.

She’s the energy queen of Idoling!!!, which makes her a treat to watch, whenever I watch something with Idoling!!!

1 thought on “30 Day Idol Challenge Day 14

  1. Me ni Aoba is a really fun song. It is also the first single with the 4th generation joining. Yazawa is definitely a lot of fun to watch in any Idoling!!! program:)

    THe single also has a B-side, I no Standard which is pretty cool since you actually get to see all 20 girl sing a solo line.


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