I just was alerted that I’m the next Summer Refreshment poster for International Wota, and I got the nicest write up of my 30 Day Idolathon series by Ray on that site.


The Doctor shares my enthusiasm

I’m not doing this blog searching for money or fame, because honestly, with an idol review blog, I’m not going to find either. I started this blog because I have so many thoughts about the idol business, and I used to just rant/rave to my friends, who I don’t think appreciated this.
Still, it’s REALLY nice to be recognized, especially in a big spot on probably the biggest idol review blogspace in the English-language idol fandom. I don’t NEED hundreds of comments or thousands of views or anything like that, but the fact that some people read my stuff makes things A LOT more worth it.
So now, next week, I’ll be doing my Summer Refreshment post, about Idols, seasons, bikini PVs and more. Happy Disco will also be taking a field trip to get my refreshment treat, gelato at the Mall of America. I have some fun ideas for this post, so I hope people will enjoy it!

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