List Friday: My Top Christmas Idol Songs

This was a list I wasn’t certain I was going to make. I have done this before on Happy Disco. However, with a bit of reflection, I realized I wrote that list in 2010 and things have changed. While this is before Christmas (though that’s coming soon enough!) So with that, this is a list of my favorite holiday/Christmas themed idol songs. In the past I’ve included songs that fit in the season but aren’t necessarily Christmas songs. This is a list of songs that are JUST about Christmas.

Pittari Shitai XMas – Pucchimoni

Seriously, this is the first song I think of when I think of Christmas songs and idols, and I’d assume this would be the case for most idol fans who have had a period of being a Hello!Project fan. Creepy PV aside (that Santa man), this is a quintessential idol Christmas song. It’s upbeat and happy and is generally a lot of fun. I personally prefer happier Christmas songs, and this fits in as a very merry Christmas song.

Santa-san – Momoiro Clover Z

If there was an award for how many times you could sing the name ‘Santa’ in one song, this would win hands down. Speaking of fun Christmas songs, Santa-san is pure fun and goofiness. Full of goofy lyrics and weird tempo/style changes (of course, this IS a Hyadain song after all!), Momoiro Clover skip over any idea of wanting a boyfriend to an almost child-like ode to Santa, food and presents. Part of me wonders if there are too many MomoClo references for this to be a Christmas song for the ages (especially when they decide to sing Coco*Natsu), that just makes it whimsical and fun for the rest of us.

Christmas? Nani sore? Oishii no? – Hyadain

*Insert excuse for why Hyadain is on an idol song list here* I’m generally not a very cynical person. However, as a single person, I can totally understand Hyadain’s frustrations with being alone on Christmas (even if Christmas isn’t as much of a couple’s holiday over here). Whereas Santa-san is all happiness, presents, and the childlike glee of Christmas, Christmas? Nani Sore? Oishii no is the adult version, where all the magic of Santa and presents has been stripped away and you’re celebrating on your own. In true Hyadain style it mixes in various Christmas songs very successfully, and ends up a very catchy song that will make you forget how much cynicism it presents.

Yoyaku Shita Christmas – AKB48

Usually, the last AKB single of the year has a senbatsu-heavy Christmas song, to offset the odd lineup of the Janken senbatsu (but not this year). While these are good songs, Yoyaku Shita Christmas is my favorite. It’s such a sweet, sentimental song that isn’t boring. I have a hard time describing why I love this song. Perhaps it’s the little Jingle Bells section in there? The electric guitar? AKB sounds great, and this is a more relationship-focused Christmas song after the earlier upbeat songs.

MERRY X’MAS FOR YOU – Matsuura Aya

If you’re looking for depth in lyrics, you’ve gone to the wrong song. However, Ayaya’s lovely vocals against a fairly simple background make for a gorgeous Christmas song. This isn’t a big song, but instead feels small and personal, wishing you a Merry Christmas. While the song itself is soft and pleasant, Ayaya’s vocals are what really make it a fantastic song.

Jin Jin Jingle Bell – Moritaka Chisato AND Twinkle Bell from Super*Girls

I prefer Chisato’s version, the original. It’s a fun, jazzy Christmas song that is an unusual take on a Christmas song. It’s still a very listenable track today; even though some idol tracks may age considerably over time, Jin Jin Jingle Bell still holds up. However, the reason I include the Super*Girls version on here as well is because I think they did a fine job of updating it. I don’t think it quite has the charm of the original, but it does a good job of keeping a jazzy feel while bringing the instrumentation to the current era of idol music. So while I prefer the original, the new cover is worth your time.

Wa~Merry Pin XMAS – Rainbow Pink

…. yes this is my guilty pleasure inclusion. The whole Rainbow Pink schtick was that they were super exaggerated cutesy idols, but this ends up a very catchy earworm of a song. When coming up with this list I couldn’t stop from thinking “Merry pin merry pinkurismasu.” And you know what, I stand by it. It’s not something I’d play for friends but it’s a fun, energetic, cute song.

Anata to Christmas Eve – AKB48

There are some fantastic stage Christmas songs out there; Christmas ga Ippai is one of my favorites. However, Anata to Christmas Eve is just a lovely song. It utilizes a deeper register than most idol songs and some harmony to make a beautiful, piano centric Christmas ballad. As someone who’s not a ballad person, this song is lovely. IT’s just beautiful.

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