List Friday: Top 5 Strange Additions to Idol Groups

In the course of idol history, lots of odd choices have been made. It’s easy to point at a choice that puzzles you and makes you question things. However, rarely do those choices affect group lineups. This is a list of the top five strange additions to idol groups, making an unusual group.

5. Team Syachichoco

That’s right, this is very recent! Sakamoto Haruna, the youngest member of Syachi, is taking a small break to study for her high school entrance exams. While she’s away… they decide to replace Haru with a chocolate statue?

Now, I am a fan of Haruna’s, and I want her to come back soon. However, I’m so interested to see how this is going to work. Is this going to just be done in a few videos to promote Syachi and Lotte (the chocolate company)? Or will they do multiple events featuring Sakachoco Haruna? Honestly, given Team Syachihoko’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if they play this up for a while.

4. Morning Musume + Takagi Boo

Morning Musume doing Hawaiian music isn’t that unusual. I mean, Coconuts Musume is a thing. They go to Hawaii on FC tours. However, not just doing a song, but doing an entire album with Hawaiian music performer Takagi Boo is taking this a bit over the top. Watching this video is also a bit bizarre, as Takagi Boo waves to the camera and Morning Musume (plus assorted extra H!P) essentially flirt with him. The arrangements aren’t terrible, but it still feels like an odd move for the group, especially considering that this is when Morning Musume was at their prime.

3. Mini Moni with Bakatonosama

Probably the worst music video ever. This is the title of the Aiin Dance no Uta PV on Youtube, one of Mini Moni’s two collaboration songs. This is so high energy and ridiculousness, that I had trouble wrapping my head around it the first time I saw it. Bakatonosama is a comedy character from a TV show, and Mini Moni certainly had its foray into weirdness before this, but the fact that they thought that putting these two together was a smart decision is what makes my head spin a bit.

2. Hinoi Team with Koriki Choshu

Remember Hinoi Team? The Eurobeat Para Para group? No? Well probably the biggest thing they did was a cover of the song Night of Fire. This is the song that comedy wrestler Koriki Choshu danced to as a comedian, so lo and behold they make a cover of Night of Fire featuring Koriki. I’m just amazed that these girls can do this with a relatively straight face.

1. OKL48

Another comedy act, this time the song is actually put on a main AKB48 single, which gives it an edge to get #1. Again, it’s a comedy character, but seeing AKB48 dressed as lemons is strange. Though it’s oddly comforting to know that Ichikawa Miori did get to dress up as a lemon.

The conclusion I get from this is that the weirdest ones are all comedy related. Which is understandable; this is supposed to be funny. However, I’m glad that comedy has supported some of the oddest things to come out of idol music and videos.

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