Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 – Intro

Alright you guys! Tokyo Idol Festival 2014!

Seriously, it feels like I JUST ended my TIF posts from last year, and now the first announcements of Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 have been made! At least they haven’t announced that many idol acts yet….



So, I’ll probably start my TIF profile posts in the next few weeks. But, here are a few of my basic thoughts/predictions about this year.

There will probably be somewhere around 111 acts. The past two years there have been exactly 111 acts each. I can’t see TIF choosing to have significantly fewer than that; that would show that they’re not as strong of a festival. I also can’t see them having many more than that 111 number, because they have the logistics down for these events. They’re still having it in Odaiba, presumably at all the same venues/areas (Zepp Tokyo etc.) so I can’t really see them choosing to expand much more beyond what they’ve done in the past.

X21? What’s that about? X21 is one of the first acts named, as well as one of the nine acts to be featured in a photo. However, that’s along with very established acts like Sakura Gakuin and Fudanjuku. Acts that seem more established, like Kikkawa You and Weather Girls didn’t get that picture. I might be overthinking things, but I’m just a little confused.

Will there be a 48/46 act there? I’m not sure. I seriously doubt that AKB would go to TIF. SKE48 was there in 2012 and HKT48 was there last year. Both were announced pretty late, so I doubt we’ll know about the 48s soon. However, since only sister groups have gone, I’m assuming that the aim of a TIF appearance is to promote the smaller groups. HKT48 has since released two singles (though they performed Melon Juice at TIF) and has a bit more experience under their belt, so there isn’t really a 48 group (or 46!) that would fit this profile. My wild, out there theory that will probably be wrong? They send AKB48 Team 8. But that’s just my guess.

Most of the acts seem like the normal ones at TIF Idoling, Up Up Girls, LinQ, Passpo, Dorothy Little Happy, these groups are almost all TIF veterans. It’s a little comforting to see, really. But it doesn’t look like TIF is losing its old guard of performers.

I’m weirdly happy to see that Sexy All Sisters are still showing up. I don’t get why this group still kicking makes me happy, but it does.

A quick question: Do you guys want to see anything different with my TIF profiles/coverage this year? Is there something you wish I’d mention or cover? Please let me know so I can make this a useful series for you guys.

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