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One of the things I’ve come across lately is discussion about Rev.from DVL that focuses on Kanna. Which is totally fair. I mean, look at this face. One in a thousand year idol indeed.


But seriously, I understand why this group is being regarded as being overhyped, or, when people review the group, they are just reviewing Kanna. She is really big on her own. However, as the resident Rev.from DVL fan (at least, from what I know of the international idol communitY), I would like to give my case for the group and why I think they’re more than a flash in the pan group.

Before 2ch and Kanna

One of the things that I found out just as I was writing this post is that Rev.from DVL has been around much longer than you guys probably think. The group was originally just named ‘DVL’ and was formed in 2003. Yes, not 2013, 2003. There is one member left from that original lineup, and that’s Rev’s former leader and one of my favorite members, Washio Miki.

But most of the current members have still been around for a long time. There are thirteen members in the group, and nine of them joined before 2011, which is when the group became Rev. from DVL. But still, the fact that this has been an active group for so long is fairly remarkable, and has allowed all the girls to hone their skills (mostly in dancing).

The songs featured on Rev’s recent major debut single, Love Arigatou, are all songs that have been done by Rev for some time. Before this single, Rev actually put out two local only singles, Love Arigatou and Ai ni Kinshai. Love Arigatou in particular was the big signature song for Rev. from DVL, at least since the name change, so it’s notable that they kept this song (even though there is a change in arrangement).

But even though the group has been around for a long time, most of what they did was perform locally, doing lives on the street and doing things for local events. They were supported by their agency, Active Hakata, but they were very indie. In fact, much of their success is traced to self-promotion. I found the group through Miki, because she followed me spontaneously on twitter. While the group has been around for quite some time, the individual members are very active on social media, through blogging and twitter (each member has both a blog and twitter).

In fact, one of the prevailing theories about how Rev blew up online was that the original poster of Kanna was someone from the agency or someone related to the group itself. This is just a wild guess, but it’s an interesting one at that.

Kanna and Rev’s present

Just a recap: Rev from DVL hit the national idol scene when someone posted pictures of Kanna on popular site 2ch. Since then these pictures spread like wildfire and Kanna has gotten a lot of attention, through the news, CM deals, and so forth.

One of the things that I’ve seen people wonder is how the other members view Kanna, since she’s getting all this attention. Which is a fair question. However, I don’t think there’s a lot of animosity. First, Kanna was always the most popular member of the group. She was certainly not known to the degree she’s known now, but Kanna got a lot of attention before hand.

Rev from DVL made an appearance on Hey!Hey!Hey!, and they actually asked something along those lines. The answer the members gave, which is what I was thinking, is that because Kanna blew up, the group was able to get a lot further. They could have a major debut single with a sizable budget and they could perform on national TV. I’d imagine there is some level of jealousy, but I think, almost more than anything else, there’s a feeling of gratitude for Kanna. She became popular, but she chose to stick in Rev from DVL instead of going to another group or even going solo.

In fact, I’m pretty pleased with how much other members are being focused on. Hey!Hey!Hey! specifically allowed for other members to get some focus. This Music Dragon performance gives a lot of close ups to other members. There is a lot of focus on Kanna in the PVs and on these programs, but they make it clear that Kanna isn’t the only member, which is gratifying.

Rev’s Future

So now that Rev from DVL has made their major debut, what’s the future for them? Well, Love Arigatou just came out, so it’s hard to tell. However, they did just receive #3 on the daily Oricon charts, selling 6625 copies. Which isn’t terrible, for an indie group’s major debut with two main versions. There are a few more web versions sold via Chara-ani, so it’ll be interesting to see where the group ends up. I imagine that the total final sales will end up at around 10000, which is a very respectable debut.

Beyond that, while I don’t know if Rev has ability to be the next big group on the level of AKB or MomoClo, but I don’t think that they’re going to go away any time soon. The group has been around for over 10 years; they deserve a bit of time in the spotlight.

My Thoughts

Honestly, it’s hard to describe why I love this group so much. Since the group has been getting a lot of hype, it’s hard to justify it. However, here’s my basic thoughts.

When I found the group, they were very indie. But, for an indie group, they had a very strong performance level. Love Arigatou was a really catchy song to hear from such a tiny group, and I was really impressed by the group’s dancing and singing skills.

This is the first performance I really watched, and I was immediately impressed by the level of performance of this group, and the subsequent performances I’ve seen. The biggest thing that draws me to an idol is a genuine love and excitement for performing, and I got that from all the members of Rev from DVL. They’re all just really excited to be idols, which is what made me happy as a fan. If you pay attention to all the mmebers, you’ll see a lot of enthusiasm,


Since their major debut, I’ve continued to be impressed by them. While I prefer the original arrangement of Love Arigatou (I plan on reviewing the two PVs for this single on Monday…), all the things I was impressed by have only magnified. I really enjoyed their appearance on Hey!Hey!Hey! and I hope they get more variety exposure, because that could be a big strength for this group, as shown by that appearance.

While Rev from DVL might seem like a flash in the pan, I see a group that has been around for a long time and is finally achieving success after ten years of growth. I honestly can’t wait to see more from them.

If you are interested in any particular member or aspect of the group, their website ( has a solid site. Otherwise, feel free to ask me any questions because I love this group!

5 thoughts on “Idol Thoughts: Rev. From DVL

  1. Great introduction to the group! I was shocked that they have been around for so long. 11 years is a long time for anything! It’s also good to hear that they other girls are taking this Kanna thing in stride. Realistically, they would not be in their position without the hype (that’s one shrewd dude at their agency). Still, they are all young performers and naturally have some ego. Maybe you can give us tidbits about the other members in subsequent posts?

    • I was SHOCKED when I saw that 2003 number, mostly because everyone throws out the “Rev from DVL has been around since 2011” thing; I had no idea that was just when the name changed.

      But yeah, I think the girls have been taking it pretty well. I suspect some of them have probably felt some jealousy because, well, they’re human, but getting to perform on national TV probably makes you a bit less jealous.

      I’d love to do a subsequent post about more members! I might have to do that next week for my Your Thoughts post… though I’m going to have a hard time not waxing poetic about how amazing Hashimoto Yukina is.

  2. One thing that perplexes me is what they’ve been doing all these 11 years since they only seem to have 2 songs released, and 1 is a cover song. Have they just been performing a bunch of other covers or something? or just these 2 songs for all these years? I really like the new version of Ai ni Kinshai (their one original song) but that’s not really much to base an opinion of a group off of and that seems like it would be absurd to just be performing 2 songs for 11 years.

    I also really don’t like Kanna, and in a lot of the footage I’ve seen of the group, they have a really fake kind of idol enthusiasm. I think we’ve had this discussion before, that I really don’t think “enthusiasm” is a reason to like an idol group to begin with, since, y’know, idols are acting/playing a character, but theirs seems to often be really overboard and a turnoff. It’s not quite as bad in some videos, but it’s kinda off-putting to me. I don’t really see what the big deal is about them, but then again, idols are really just about hype and marketing, so I’m guessing that’s where all this attention is coming from, not really from something based on merit.

    • First off, they do have more songs than those singles. Each of those singles had two versions, and each version had a couple of B-Sides. Plus, they had a lot of unreleased material they performed at concerts, and I’m not sure if DVL released any stuff. But yeah, they have songs like ‘wanna be’ (their older girl unit song), JUMP & STOMP, Kimi dake no Story, etc. I like the new version of Ai ni Kinshai a lot, too; I prefer the original Love Arigatou, but the new Ai ni Kinshai is quite good.

      I see a bit of fake enthusiasm in Kanna, but not really the other girls; I think mostly that’s because I’ve watched a lot of stuff with them, and their level of enthusiasm generally is pretty solid. Kanna… I think there’s a lot of pressure on her right now to be perfectly cute and adorable and live up to the hype, which is fun.

      Honestly, though, it’s hard to describe why I like them so much. They were my indie group of choice because I was followed on twitter, liked their music/performances, and got into them. I thought they had a really high level of professionalism and performance level for where they were, indie-wise, but now that they’ve made a major debut that doesn’t stand out quite as much.

  3. Hi!! My name is Hoa Dang from Vietnam. I’m Kanna fans (not really Wota, I’m more like DD) and I first met Rev.From DVL in Manga festival last year. After that, I’m started making Rev. From DVL Vietnam fanclub. We also get so excited about the major debut and I’m really happy as Kanna got more famous. I feel that Active Hakata starts to realized the problem (or that’s what they plan at first time). For the major debut, many Japanese looks to buy the limited edition that have Kanna’s photo or hand shake ticket inside but actually they get more photos and hand shake ticket of other members. From that, i feel that active hakata are trying to use Kanna’s popualr to push other girls. As in my community, some of them feel unease because Kanna takes all the spotline such as Magazine, Newspaper, Commercial and other things but we are doing our best to promoted other members of Rev. From DVL. I think that someone should stand up and make an international Facebook page to really start and promote not just Kanna but also other members. My Page did well in promote all members in Rev. From DVL but its not enough. But I start to see Nagichon, Miho get some atention (and yuna too).

    My facebook profile:
    Rev. From DVL IDol group VN page:

    We also have a fan group too:

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