Apr 09 2010

Doom I Say!

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So, long time no see blog.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but KAT-TUN will soon be embarking on an Asia-wide tour and releasing a new single. This sounds like great news, until you add the fact that they will be doing all this without Jin. Jin will be performing some solo concerts in America at this time.

Now, the official agency position is that KAT-TUN is not breaking up, and that Jin will resume activities with them as normal after his concerts are done. BUT, I don’t believe for a second that if given the opportunity to be successful in America and leave KAT-TUN, Jin won’t jump at that chance. Let’s face it, he’s been distancing himself from the group more and more for years now, and he’s in love with all things American.

They’re just keeping their options open. If things don’t go well for Jin in America, no harm done, and he can go back to the group. If things do work out, well, I believe that’s going to be a whole different story. So could he be successful? I think probably so, if marketed correctly. Lord knows he’s hot as hell, and his English is improving all the time. Do I want him to be successful? I’m torn. I loathe the idea of KAT-TUN without Jin, but at the same time, I know that this would make him much happier, so it may be selfish of me to think that way.

Sigh. I’m just feeling mopey about this whole thing.


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Feb 06 2010

Top 100 Johnny’s Songs: Part 10 FINAL

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I’ve reached the end of my Johnny’s countdown! Now, I proudly present my ultimate top 10 songs in all of Johnny’s-dom.

VEOH copy in case youtube gets taken down.

Watch Johnny’s Jimusho Top 100 Songs: Part 10 FINAL in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

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Jan 28 2010

Recent Happenings

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Yay for lots going on recently!

First of all, new singles for both KAT-TUN and Arashi! I’ll probably write up more about them when the full PVs are out, but so far, I think both are winners. On the KAT-TUN side, we have “love yourself” followed by a bunch of other words, which sounds to be a little less “rock” and a little more “cool song to dance to” than what they usually do. Kind of like most of Jin’s solos, so I bet it’s a song that he personally likes.

LOVE YOURSELF (short audio preview)

Arashi’s new single “Trouble Maker” also is excellent. To be honest, I’ve been a little disappointed with some recent Arashi releases (I thought “My Girl” was really boring and uncatchy), but this new song reminds me of circa 2003-2004 Arashi style.

TROUBLE MAKER (audio only)

Of the two, I think I prefer KAT-TUN’s, but again, I like them both.

Lastly, I have a couple amusing Arashi-related happening’s to share with you.

-The other day at the beginning of a 9th grade class at the Junior High I teach at, a couple of the girls ran up to me all excited, tugged on my sleeve and said, “Did you know?? Today is Sakurai-kun’s birthday!! We’re going to eat cake after school to celebrate!”.

During lunch time at one of my elementary schools, they were playing student’s most requested music over the intercom. Students get to vote every month on what they want to hear. #3 was Angela Aki’s Tegami, #2 was Arashi’s “Kitto Daijoubu”, and #1 was Arashi’s “Believe”. The kids (4th graders) were going crazy, clapping their hands, singing along, dancing around. Then 5 boys ran up to the front and proclaimed that they were Arashi and started trying to do the dance! Needless to say, it was a very fun lunch break.


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Jan 23 2010

Top 100 Johnny’s Songs: Part 9

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It’s all the runners up! This came out too long. I know, but believe it or not, I already cut about two minutes off of my first attempt. I just like these songs too much!

Watch Top 100 Johnny’s Jimusho Songs: Part 9 in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
#20- After KT and Arashi, Tokio is my next favorite Johnny’s group.

#19- My favorite Arashi PV ever. So much happy and random. And while Kitto Daijoubu might be their gayest PV overall, 1:39ish is their single gayest moment in a PV.

#18- Love the harmonization.

#17- My first Johnny’s song deserves a high ranking, if only for sentimental reasons.

#14- Favorite single Arashi performance ever!

#13- I like how hopeful this song is. I think the lyrics can speak to a lot of people.

#12- The only Jpop song my dad likes. Not sure what that says about it.

#11- *sniffle* *sniffle* Bwaaaaaa!!! (celestia had to leave to go cry for a while)


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Jan 14 2010

Top 100 Johnny’s Songs: Part 8

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I might as well tell you upfront, this one is only KAT-TUN and Arashi. Surprisingly (maybe), it’s the only one like that.

Watch Top 100 Johnny’s Jimusho Songs: Part 8 in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
30. Aw. The title covers Sho’s priceless expression of terror at the beginning. I love fight song and how it’s not even really a song anymore, given the rarity of actual singing. It’s more of an event.

29. I really wish there was a group concert performance of this. Such an under-appreciated song.

27. Here’s a tip. No one is going to believe you’re playing the guitar if you keep grabbing the microphone. Aw. What do I care? When there’s that much hotness I can forgive superfluous musical instruments.

25. I love how he hardly ever talks in group interviews and he’s sort of quirky and weird (in an endearing way) when he does speak, and yet he can perform like this. I think the Japanese call that a “gap” and it’s considered a “charm point”.

24. Really reminds me of the Olympics, since I watched the last one from Japan.

23. MAN SLUT!!!! Okay, to be fair, I have no idea what Kame’s real-life sluttiness level is. It may well be pretty low, but there is no one in Johnny’s, past or present, who can sex it up on stage quite like Kamenashi Kazuya. By the way, I highly recommend watching the whole performance. I don’t want to exaggerate, but “absolutely f*cking epic” is a good description.

21. Arashi’s secondary theme song doesn’t sound right without a screaming crowd. “Dareka ga” “WOO HOO!” “Dareka wo” “WOO HOO!” and “Smile again…” “SMILE AGAIN!!


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Jan 07 2010

Top 100 Johnny’s Songs: Part 7

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And this is the part where my preference for certain groups over others starts to become abundantly clear.

Watch Top 100 Johnny’s Jimusho Songs: Part 7 in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
#40- It’s some kind of rule that KAT-TUN’s costumes never each other. For example Jin seems to be wearing normal clothes instead of a costume, and at the same time  Maru has a tuxedo that’s been through the paper shredder and Junno is draped in pink blankets.

#39- “One Love” cover because it’s the B-side.

#38- 2:01 KITTY!! :3

#37- All the best PVs involve putting the group in a room and telling them to just do whatever they want.

#36- Kyaaa! “Tsk” at me some more Nino!

#35- What was almost a really nice group picture is sort of ruined by polka dotted pants. That’s two fashion strikes in one video for Nakamaru.

#34- I was tempted to rank this even higher, but since it’s one that I’ve become obsessed with fairly recently, I’ve errored on the side of caution here. Go Sho-kun!!

#33- I really like the dancing in this performance.

#32- So what if the lyrics are just “I love you” over and over again? Song still rocks!

#31- I can attest that this one is really fun live. Enthusiastic arm waving all around! Dance move at 10:37 or so is major win.


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Jan 05 2010

Amazing Feats of Dominos

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On a recent SMAP x SMAP special with KAT-TUN as guests, they did an absolutely INSANE domino thing. I don’t even know how to describe it, so you’re just going to have to watch. From the time they set them off, these dominos take over 12 full minutes to complete. Start at 5:25 of the first video, and it runs all the way to the end of the 2nd video.

Can you even begin to imagine how much careful painstaking work went into this?

Also, KAT-TUN’s new single is official going to come out February 10th. Yay!


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Jan 01 2010


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Does anyone know where I could find or watch the whole Johnny’s countdown from this year??

EDIT: Got it! Thank you so much Terlyn!

I’ve been finding bits and pieces of it online (and it looks GREAT), but I have yet to find the whole thing, or even footage of parts that’s not horribly blurry. Looks like Arashi hosted for their third year running. Now, I fully agree that they are the best group for the job, but they did just run in to the show directly from performing on Kohaku, and they’d had rehearsals for both shows and everything. Seems like another group could have done it this year because I fear we’ll lose an Arashi member due to sheer exhaustion any minute now.I’d have liked it if KAT-TUN, just to name a random group as an example of course, could have had hosting duties this year.

Anyway, it looks like all of the groups sang their debut songs, there were giant elevator towers, Arashi did “Sukiyanen”, and Matchy made all of his kouhai (read: everyone) his little background dancers. Ha! Good stuff all around, so I’m dying to watch it all.

Happy New Year!


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Dec 31 2009

Top 100 Johnny’s Songs: Part 6

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I wish I could upload these on youtube… I’m sure I would get a lot more viewers, but since Johnny’s is so paranoid that they won’t even let pictures of their guys appear on the official website for the drama they’re staring in (true story, they usually use a drawing instead), there’s not much hope with youtube. If it’s not automatically censored, it’s taken down within a day or so.

But enough moping. Here’s the veoh version of part 6 of my 100 favorite Johnny’s songs. By the last few on this we’re moving out of the songs I merely “like” and into songs I “really like”!

Watch Top 100 Johnny’s Jimusho Songs: Part 6 in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
50. Young Arashi trying to be “tough” is so cute. Scrawny as hell Jun and horribly blond Nino in particular probably couldn’t intimidate a nervous puppy. They’ve gotten better at the “serious” thing, but still nowhere near KAT-TUN’s level.

49. Can’t help it. The parody still sticks in my head. “We’ll each become….. a ho!!!!!!!!!”

47. I know, the sound is a tiny bit off from the video. Sorry if that distracts from your enjoyment of the marching and hip thrusting.

46. So, the day the costume designers brought in those robes for fittings, I imagine this conversation took place.

Jin: I am NOT wearing that thing.

Designers: But… you have to, it’s the costume.

Jin: Hell no.

Designers: Please? Can you at least like carry it over your shoulder or something?

Jin: Sigh. Whatever.

Junno:*twirls* Look at me!! I’m a wizard!!!

*rest of group beats up Junno*

I admit that they’re pretty ugly, but he never did wear that robe once in the entire concert tour.

45. Holds the dubious honor of being the gayest Arashi PV, and not for lack of competition.

43. I know they’re saying “Cherry”, but to me it sounds exactly like they’re singing about some dude named “Jerry”. Even when I try to hear it as “Cherry”, I just can’t. “Jelly” maybe, but never “Cherry”.

42. Creepy moving painting Arashi is creepy.

41. I ended the video on the end of a song so you wouldn’t be left feeling unfulfilled.


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Dec 27 2009

Small Correction

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Earlier, I incorrectly reported that Arashi had all 4 top spots in single rankings this year. It turns out that they have 1-3 as well as 5, with 4 going to enka hit “Ai no Mamade”. My mistake. They do, however, have a whole slew of other records, which I just copied from their wikipedia entry in order to shock and amaze you.

On December 18, 2009, Oricon announced that Arashi topped the annual singles, albums and music DVD rankings for 2009 in Japan.[4] All of the group’s 2009 singles ranked within the top five placings on the Oricon singles charts: “Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei” at number one, “Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon: Kimi wa Muteki” at number two, “My Girl” at number three and “Everything” at number five.[4][91] With monopolization of the top three spots on the singles chart, Arashi became the first artist in twenty-one years and the third artist in history—after Pink Lady in 1978 and Hikaru Genji in 1988—to do so.[4] Furthermore, the group became the first artist in history to monopolize the top two spots on the singles charts for two consecutive years and to have four releases in the top five.[4] On the Oricon album charts, All the Best! 1999-2009 became the best-selling album of 2009 in Japan by selling over 1.43 million copies, making it the first time Arashi has topped annual album charts[92] As for their music video collection DVD 5×10 All the Best! Clips 1999-2009 and live concert DVD Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo, both claimed the number one and two spots on the annual music DVD charts respectively, making it the first time they have also topped annual music DVD charts. Due to their high sales for 2009, Oricon declared Arashi the best-selling artist of the year and awarded them the “Artist Top Sales” (ATS) award with 14.46 billion Japanese yen (approx. US$161.25792 million) worth of total sales in the singles, album, music DVD and music Blu-ray categories.[3][4] As a result of having dominated three separate charts and emerge as the best-selling artist of the year, the group became the first artist in the forty-two years of Oricon’s history to have such a record in the same year.

Seriously, what can they possibly do that would be an improvement from this?


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