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BGM for modernica On The Kago Ai Tragedy


Cait considers Kago Ai’s suicide attempt in light of her own personal experiences, considering reactions from throughout the wotasphere.

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Recommended Reading – August 29th, 2011


AKB48 break their weekly sales record! Sooyoung gets injured! Perfume fans get trolled! Okay! Musume Time reviews Milky-Holmes! Daesung is found not guilty! And much more!

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A Look At Afilia Saga East and an Akihabara Aesthetic


BGM for modernica considers the melding of Shibuya and Akihabara sensibilities in a new project, while Okay! Musume Time falls for a distinctly Akihabara-esque group.Ray puts the two together and finds a continuum of Japanese cultural influence worth exploring.

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The Continuing Evolution of Hello! Project


BGM for modernica and J. Popping have very different essays about Hello! Project units, but placed together create an intriguing portrait of where this venerable idol collective now stands. Ray stands back in appreciation of these excellent posts, and tries to connect the dots properly.

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Recommended Reading – August 7th, 2011


A version of Pon Pon Pon even a Kyary hater can love! UEE has a small face! Cliff shares a Deg concert! And is Japan sick of the hallyu wave? All this and more at the links!

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