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Recommended Reading – December 28th, 2011

Aki-P interviewed by the Wall Street Journal! Morning Musume’s newest gens to do gravure series! Leader’S tries to sell coffee! Ashida Mana ups the Kouhaku cute level to eleven! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – July 30th, 2011

AKB48’s new cover marks a return to Shaolin and the 36 Chambers! (Sorta…) SNSD and KARA locked in mortal combat! (Maybe…?) KAT-TUN’s Kame looks gorgeous in a flowery robe! (Definitely!) All that and more at the clicky clicky.

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Recommended Reading – July 9th, 2011

DiVA preview their second single! Kikkawa Yuu announces a new song! Yamaguchi Momoe retires from the idol world at the tender age of 21! Wait, what was that last one? Well, find out at the link!

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