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Recommended Reading – August 22nd, 2011


AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda gets her own magazine! Hangry & Angry play with handcuffs! New Kpop group Stellar are a bunch of loonies! And so much more!

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Happy Disco Celebrates One Hundredth Post With Top Ten PV List


Serenyty has posted one hundred times, and she’s threatening to post more – and more – and more! Somebody stop her before it’s too late! Oh, wait, we WANT her to keep posting. That’s a very very good thing. So, um, never mind. And here’s Ray congratulating her.

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Recommended Reading – July 12th, 2011


Madara discovers a lost Minimoni movie! (No, not the first time Shun and Mari got busy!) New School kaidan on the new TGS single! YODC on Yua Saito being duct-taped! The Grand Narrative continues to translate the oppa craze article! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – July 10th, 2011


A report on the S/mileage auditions – now featuring H!P Eggs! A billion yen bid for AKB48 clothing! More of the Yamanaka sisters! AKG48 Comes To Tokyo! Wait… With a G? Not a B? Yes! Just clickety clickety to find out that and so much more!

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Recommended Reading – July 7th, 2011


Ikuta Erina celebrates her birthday! Hirosue Ryoko speaks on the married life! YODC is still not over Scandal! After School reveals details on their Japanese debut! And so much more!

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Hello! Blog Overcomes Many Obstacles For Japan Expo 2011


Paul and his fellow UK wota go through a great deal to make it to even one day of Japan Expo 2011 – was it worth it? You bet it was! Follow the clickety clickety for details! And make sure to full-screen, dammit!

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Recommended Reading – July 3rd, 2011


Idoling!!! in a new online drama! SNSD told not to do… certain things! That Korean guy in the Nazi uniform changes his mind! And more head-measuring at allkpop! All this and at least some more!

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Recommended Reading – July 2nd, 2011


Reconquista! Say it loud, and it is a command to soldiers! Say it soft, and it is an entreaty to one’s lover. Reconquista! It is the new single from HANGRY & ANGRY! Also: the a-nation 2011 set list grows! Maasa turns nineteen! CDJapan has hot summer offers! And Pixar’s John Lasseter is a fan of Perfume! Reconquista!

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Recommended Reading – July 1st, 2011


GP Basic teases us with their Jelly Pop yet again! Hangry & Angry news! Massively multiplayer Buono! Early reactions to the Dir en Grey album! And SNSD actually eat! All this and more at the clickety clickety!

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Recommended Reading – June 2, 2011


Corporate shill or AV has-been? Former – and soon-to-be-former Hello! Project idols choose their futures!

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