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Recommended Reading – February 17th, 2012


More reports on Buono’s Paris performance! More fallout from Jin and Meisa’s shotgun wedding! Takamina responds to the scandal with her mother! And more!

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Recommended Reading – November 14th, 2011


Hello! Blog on Buono!’s second attempt at a Europe gig! Wonder Girls hold a worldwide dance contest! Jungah wakes up! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – October 18th, 2011


AKB48 get their own anime! SNSD promote their new album in English! Bekah speaks up on her idol past! And so much more!

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Hello! Blog Overcomes Many Obstacles For Japan Expo 2011


Paul and his fellow UK wota go through a great deal to make it to even one day of Japan Expo 2011 – was it worth it? You bet it was! Follow the clickety clickety for details! And make sure to full-screen, dammit!

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Recommended Reading – May 23, 2011


Hello! Blog has a widget for Android users, Yoshiki is a guest of honor at an anime con, J. Popping provides some charts and stats on reactions to tenth gen, and more!

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Morning Musume Announces Tenth Gen Auditions


We cover news and reactions about Morning Musume’s tenth gen auditions from a variety of blogs! Did you see this coming? We sure didn’t!

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