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Recommended Reading – February 26th, 2012


Happy Disco attends an Aso Natsuko live! MorningBerryz profiles Aya Hirano! YODC celebrates Shinozaki Ai’s twentieth birthday! And more!

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Recommended Reading – January 9th, 2012


Idols celebrate Japan’s coming-of-age ceremony! A murderer is caught in the SKE48 theater! Plastic Candy looks at J-urban culture! A new trailer for Wonder Girls’ premiere on Nick! And more!

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Two Very Different Idols Return: Miyamoto Karin and Daesung


Karin will be doing the opening theme for the anime in which she stars, while Daesung’s return to activity will happen at the fifteenth anniversay YG Family Concert.

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Recommended Reading – September 3rd, 2011


Nakazawa Yuko kicks ass on the big screen! So does Kitahara Rie! Bakanishi has become a shoe fetishist! Super Junior (lookalike) gay porn! And so much more!

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Hello! SayuNii Reports On Third Round Of S/mileage Auditions


The third round of the auditions leaves only twelve young idol wannabe’s vying for a spot next to Yuuka and company. Ray passes along some thoughts on the process, and chooses a favorite in the most superficial manner possible.

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