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Recommended Reading – February 26th, 2012


Happy Disco attends an Aso Natsuko live! MorningBerryz profiles Aya Hirano! YODC celebrates Shinozaki Ai’s twentieth birthday! And more!

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Recommended Reading – December 6th, 2011


Nakazawa Yuko to get married! And in other news, pigs are flying, hell has frozen over, and Tommy Chong has gone straight edge. But no, seriously, congratulations to Yuko! Plus, other stuff to read.

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Recommended Reading – December 5th, 2011


AKB48 announce a megane-themed photobook! HSJ’s Yamada to star in a historical drama! GP Basic has a new Christmas single! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – November 21st, 2011


Bakanishi returns to Japan with a new single at the ready! Shinoda Mariko continues to shill random stuff! North Korean celebrities are threatened by the hallyu! Waitaminnit – NORTH KOREAN celebrities? What the fuck?

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Recommended Reading – October 28th, 2011


Sayummy’s new photobook has landed! Boy, has it landed! Also, Momoiro Clover Z take up a new sport! Nakazawa Yuko’s landed herself a new man! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – September 3rd, 2011


Nakazawa Yuko kicks ass on the big screen! So does Kitahara Rie! Bakanishi has become a shoe fetishist! Super Junior (lookalike) gay porn! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – June 21st, 2011


AKB48 continue to assert their rightful place as our new Jpop overlords, as numerous links here can attest. Meanwhile, AM2 rumors are squashed, Go comments on BLOOD, and Glico fesses up!

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Nakazawa Yuko On 38 And 48 (AKB, That Is)


Nakazawa Yuko on turning thirty eight and dealing with AKB48. Also, she remains ridiculously hawt.

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