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Recommended Reading – February 22nd, 2012


Nogizaka46 finally step up to the plate with their first single! Troubles continue to haunt Jin and Meisa! Is Ashida Mana becoming too much of a diva? And more!

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Recommended Reading – February 10th, 2012


Is Aki-P blackmailing the media to not cover the scandal of Takamina’s mother? Also: fun with 30 Day Idol Challenges! Jrocknyc reviews the new Laruku! And more!

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Recommended Reading – December 3rd, 2011


Dream Morning Musume announce their first original single! Kondo Rina will shake YOUR hand! Yuko’s Final Fantasy costume vote is decided! And more!

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Recommended Reading – October 19th, 2011


Arashi and Inoue Mao to host this year’s Kouhaku! Beat Laments the World profiles Pureful, a stage-diving heavy metal idol group! Sensei Mark rocks! And so much more!

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Recommended Reading – September 2nd, 2011


First peek at the tenth gen audition of Morning Musume! More reports on the AKB scandal fallout! ISSA from DA PUMP has a new single! (Calm down over that last one, Brian!) And so much more!

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A Tongue-In-Cheek Look At Disgraced Idols


I’m not sure if this will make Morimoto Ryutaro feel any better, but it brought a smile to Ray’s face – and probably yours as well. Read on for the grisly but hilarious details.

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