Reactions to Perfume’s Natural ni Koishite

All Natural Perfume (23ji no ongaku)
Perfume – Natural ni Koishite (musical ramblings of a dreamer)

The Natural ni Koishite PV has been up for a little while now and some reaction posts have popped up.

Nicole of 23ji no ongaku sees this latest track as unnaturally cheery for the girls.

“…something makes the song seem so un-serious that it’s almost silly.”

I definitely see parts of the PV being silly but musically, I’m kinda not seeing where she’s coming from. It could just be the sound system I’m listening to it with: every thump of the kick drum rumbles seriousness. There are no un-serious kick drum thumps here ;D. If acchan of Maji High ever came over and heard the seriousness of my bass, she’d take off her glasses and destroy it. まじすか? </lulz>

A new challenger has appeared going by the pen name “dreamtiny” and reviews the PV and has a bit of commentary on the use of autotune and its appropriateness. It’s a fun read but the very last sentence caught my eye:

“Anyway, their new single releases on April 14, and I bet they’ll sell well! (though probably nowhere near as well as AKB did)”

It’s always been in my head that Perfume is one of the better selling Japanese artists, especially after TRIANGLE. It’s just been a while since they’ve released anything so those who follow sales don’t have much to judge with based off the release silence. Considering the release gap and contrasting that with the touring and what not that happened during the release gap, where are they going to be for first day / first week sales?

On one side, we have the Perfume die-hards that have been fans since the indies days; has the release gap taken its toll on the fan base? On the other side, Perfume’s popularity with the new fans (from the touring and what not) should be high and their exposure should be up there too especially with the Natural Beauty Basic CM campaign; is this enough to boost their sales?

AKB48’s latest single “Sakura no Shiori” sold over 317,000* copies in its first week. The single before that, “RIVER”, sold over 178,000* in its first week and was their first single to hit #1. From my understanding, RIVER was responsible for hooking a considerable amount of fans all over the world which would partially explain the huge jump in sales. Consider that Perfume’s TRIANGLE sold 210,000* in its first week. While Perfume’s first major fan explosion was over Polyrhythm, do you think that Natural ni Koishite could outsell 317,000? </tl;dr>

Anyway, dreamtiny just started blogging at the start of the year but has reviews and comments on a lot of the JPop and KPop artists we know and love here at IW so be sure to check out the rest of the blog!

* sales stats from Oricon via jpopstop’s wiki