BoA’s Back in Korea & Hitting The Big Screen In the US

BoA’s Korean Comeback + ‘Game’ Music Video (BoA’s House)
BoA to Star in Hollywood Dance Film (bottom article)

She’s spent some time away from Korea building up her career in Japan, and launching an American album, but BoA’s back with a Korean album after 5 years away. I remember way back in the day listening to Sara and ID; Peace B. The album released earlier this week and has strangely put me in a nostalgic mood.

In addition to her new album, it’s been announced that BoA will be in a Hollywood dance film. I’m a huge fan of dance, though I couldn’t dance to save my life. I hoping it’s a large-scale movie like Step Up 3D and BoA can get a lot of exposure in the US through this role.