SDN48’s Major Label Debut – So That’s What Senbatsu Is For!

SDN48 getting major label debut (Tokyograph)
SDN48 gets a Major Record Deal (Tokyograph) (Wota (in training))
SDN48 Announce Major Label Debut (IXA Ready – Fist On!)
SDN48 Senbatsu Round Update…Meetan Regains Lead! (My Sweet Meetan)

So SDN’s senbatsu has been going on for a while now, and we finally have an end date – September 4th. Wow, that’s a lot longer than AKB senbatsu voting! That gives you a lot of time to vote by reading their blogs, so keep going – it’s not too late to start!! But what we didn’t know before is that SDN is going to debut on a major label, Universal Music. Congratulations! I’m not familiar with most of the SDN girls due to the lack of LODs, but I can’t wait to see the girls I do know leading the single. Meetan in the center (with her current position of #1) sounds pretty awesome *_____*