The Writers of Selective Hearing Discuss K-pop’s Presence in Japan

Selective Hearing Round Table: The Next K-Pop Wave in Japan (Selective Hearing)

I hadn’t realized Greg had so many writers on his site.  But the cool part is it allows them to have a debate on a “think-piece” such as this one.  Not that they were really polarized in their opinions.  It seems pretty obvious by now that K-pop artists definitely have the ability to be successful in Japan.  However, the same can’t necessarily be said the other way around.

Does this mean that K-pop is better than J-pop?  Not if you are asking me.  They both may be “pop”, but comparing Japanese idols to the pop stars of Korea is really about apples and oranges.  The way I see it groups like SNSD and Kara have more of an international appeal, while the J-pop idol phenomenon is uniquely “Japanese”  Their debate did make me wonder if a group like Perfume could be successful in Korea.

In any case, a great post for anyone interested in the subject matter.