A Full Look at Akimoto Sayaka’s Marathon Run

Marathon 1: Sayaka crosses the finish line and gets her captain position back as reward (SaeYaka Paradise)
Marathon 2: Blog entries translations

SaeYaka Paradise has complete coverage of Akimoto Sayaka’s running of the 2011 Tokyo Marathon. This is definitely one of the more impressive accomplishments of an idol during their career. Sayaka’s completion of the marathon is described as the “most touching marathon ever. Even more than the original marathon.” Originally I thought, “well no, Team Hoyt might have something to say about that.” After reading these entries, I was clearly mistaken. After Sayaka completes the marathon, she famously is re-established as Team K Captain, and starts crying to the point where I thought she was going to be dehydrated! The second entry has a ton of translated blog entries in reaction to Sayaka’s run.

And yet, I can’t help but think that the coverage (TV-wise) over this is a little ridiculous. She even gets interviewed while running the marathon! I mean, lots of celebrities run marathons (especially for charity) and don’t get this much attention. But maybe Aki-P is planning a DVD of Sayaka running the marathon. All seven hours of it. Would you watch??