Bakanishi On Twitter! Ccchhyeeahhh!!!

Jin_Akanishi (Twitter)

Over thirty thousand followers already! Jin is hot on the social media tip! And how can Mister Eggplant not be, given tweetie little gems like this:

just got twitter chyeaaaaa~

to all my loyal subjects lol i dont think i can tweet constantly cuz of my personality… but ill try~


danmmm i cant keep up with all massages form everyone but ill try to read as much as i can!! hella thanks for the shout outs~ ciao~

I love Jin, there’s always been something both sincere and meatheaded about him, and those two qualities are on fully display here. This may not be as good as him balling an underaged Chinami (oh God I’m still jealous) and is nowhere near his finest moment of presenting that Light Brite to Jodie Foster (willhe send her DMs now?), but this is definitely a highlight in Jin’s career. Ccchyeeahhhh!