Fandom Fundraising

Help_Japan (Livejournal)
Fundraising for Japan
arashi_on’s Fundraising Garage Sale

Now’s the time to reach out a hand and help others donate to Japan. Over on Livejournal, there are several fundraisings happening. These two are the ones I’m aware of. Help_Japan is a “multi-fandom, multi-media auction with the intention of uniting everyone with the one cause: to help Japan”; something I’m sure we can get behind.The second link is a fandom specific auction, specifically, the Arashi fandom. Or it used to be. It’s now widened to a JE Fandom services auction. The third link is the auctioning of actual JE goods.

If there are any other fandom fundraisers that you’d like to draw our attention to, please leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to update this as soon as possible.

Pray for Japan.