Idoling!!!’s “Yarakai Heart” Leaves Dae Looking for More

“Yarakai Heart”: The Heart-making Industry is Booming. (New School Kaidan)

Daw Lee is a fan of Idoling!!!’s variety show but finds their music lacking. With the announcement of their latest release “Yarakai Heart”, he held out hope that maybe this would be the release that would break his disappointment with their music. However, it looks like he’s been disappointed yet again.

I don’t follow Idoling!!! so I can’t make any observations comparing this release to their previous ones, but I can see where Dae is coming from in his complaints. From the song, to the camera shots to the choreography, while not terrible, he feels it’s missing something that could make it great. I wonder what other Idoling!!! fans out there think…

Also, please note that New School Kaidan was formerly Japancast Academy. Along with the name change, they’re at a new address, so if you’ve followed them in the past or want to start following them now, take note of their new url of