Maji Desu ka Ska! Reactions (Part One)

Majidesuka Ska: Half n’ Half. (New School Kaidan)
Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Ska! (Nights4Blogging)
This Momusu is for real! (Janakya Mottainai)

Dae Lee of the NSK crew is disappointed that the full version of the song did not live up to his expectations. His claim is that the song it too repetitive. He is more forgiving towards the music video; he finds that the new lineup and a more colorful look provide a refreshing new feel. I must admit that I am confused when he says “there was a surprising amount of variety in the shots they used” and then goes on to fault the video not having enough variety in its “set and premise.” I guess I’d like to know what exactly is enough variety to achieve approval. Either way I like that Dae Lee is focused on variety and requiring it at every turn. However, in the world of idols, I do think that is setting yourself up for constant disappointment.

Nights4Saturn at Nights4Blogging is in love with the video. They find the “seriousness” of Ikuta Erina to be noteworthy. I don’t think that that’s a role that Ikuta wants to find herself filling.. They also find Michishige Sayumi to fail miserably at attempting to be cute, something that I didn’t know was possible. Also, N4S’s post has plenty of gifs, always a bonus!

Aimxaim is glad that Morning Musume appears to be heading towards a new “energetic and slightly childish era.” She then goes over each member and their closeups.