Should Capsule Have Altered Their Album Title?

The KILLER WAVE Has Passed (Hijitsuzai)

As with every other release, capsule’s album was delayed (officially “postponed indefinitely”). What’s unique about capsule’s situation is that their album was scheduled to be named KILLER WAVE, a reference to the audio file format. The connotation of that name to the tsunami has caused the band to distance themselves from the name. Selryam wonders if capsule and their producers are blowing a situation out of proportion by changing the album title. Selryam’s argument is Yasutaka Nakata is an artist and a coincidence (no matter how horrific that coincidence is) shouldn’t get in the way of that artist’s vision.

I find it to be a weak argument. Yes, Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima are artists, but they are also a part of a commercial band in a music industry that is all about making money. Artistic Integrity and Sales aren’t necessarily forever in conflict with each other; but when they do conflict, as in this situation, it’s revealing to see what decisions are made. If sales are more important than artistic integrity, then what sense would it make to sell an album title that, fairly or unfairly, reminds people of a national tragedy of death and destruction?

I don’t think Selryam addresses the reality of this. He is focused on Nakata’s original vision. Sel says that Nakata “put both a lot of time and effort into creating the entire package as it is, choosing everything for a specific reason.” I read this as suggesting that it wasn’t Nakata himself that decided to change the album title. How can one be so sure of that? Even my argument about sales is speculation. Nakata, who was affected by this tragedy as every other Japanese citizen, could have felt it would be extremely inappropriate and disrespectful to have an album that just reminds people of it all.