Celebrating 10 years of Ayaya

A Decade of Matsuura Aya (Nights4Blogging)

April 11th marked the 10 year anniversary of Matsuura Aya’s debut release and Nights4Saturn celebrated it… with a tribute to the CRT TVs shown in the the Doki Doki Love Mail PV… In addition to that, he links to his post from last year when he celebrated Aya’s 9th anniversary, with a nice look at the PV and how even though Aya’s debut single isn’t his favourite, the PV has always made this song stand out in his mind.

As Nights4Saturn says, it really is amazing to see how much Aya has matured over the years. It’s crazy to think 10 years have passed already…. And another special 10 year anniversary is coming up this August too…