Delicious Cake Project Unlocks Tokyo Girls’ Style’s “Kodou no Himitsu”

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No, it’s Tokyo Girls’ Style

Pata does something very, very impressive here, analyzing the latest Tokyo Girls’ Style single and PV to show how it’s a commentary on the very concept of idols and how fans react to them. Read through it in its entirety – it’s a very thorough, very thoughtful assessment of the video and its meaning. Pata’s views of idols are very similar to my own, finding a middle ground between the absolute sincerity the naive fan seeks and the jaded commercial manipulation that outsiders accuse the industry of committing. That middle ground is tricky: you can’t really appreciate and enjoy idols without having some complicity in the process, but you also need a chip of ice in your heart to see the lapses of nonsense and avarice for what they are. It’s great to see this articulated so beautifully by both blogger and subject matter.

I haven’t been keeping up with TGS lately, but now I need to re-assess and play some catch-up. Easy pomo self-commentary on the nature of being an idol pops up now and again in Jpop, but this definitely seems to be taking a much bolder – and even artistic – approach to the matter.