DiVA To Audition For Six New Members Before Capitalizing the I

DiVA to hold auditions for 6 more members (Melos no Michi)
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DiVA, you were too good to be true… Sayaka and Sae blog comments (SaeYaka Paradise)

Contrasting to the natural-ness of the Acchan announcement, this one is more of a WTF moment. The group has barely started out and Aki-P has now declared that auditions for six new members will be held – molding the group into a female EXILE, so to speak. When the new members are added, the small-i in DiVA will become a capital-I because then the group will be complete. Which does make it sound like it was planned all along, and the idea of a female EXILE seems like something SOMEBODY should be doing (why not Avex?), considering how popular the group has been in recent years… Nevertheless, it certainly stings for fans of the four current members of the group, and SaeYaka Paradise certainly doesn’t hold back the emotions in their write-up.

Personally, I’m not sure what to make of this. I have to admire Aki-P’s business savvy in trying to recreate a tried-and-true formula… That said, alienating the built-in dedicated fan base of the group isn’t very savvy at all, now is it? And what if the current line-up proves more popular than the 10-nin version? Will the band be re-shrunk and de-capitalized or something? I get the feeling this group’s story has only just begun…