IW Charity Auction: Featured Item #43 – AKB48 “Beginner” Theater Edition CD

AKB48 “Beginner” Theater Edition CD from Ron of Idol Eyez
North American auction, ends Apr 26th @ 9pm EDT

AKB48 “Beginner” Theater Edition CD, still in its shrink wrap. Track List:

1. Beginner
2. Boku Dake no value (僕だけのvalue) (Undergirls)
3. Kimi ni Tsuite (君について) (MINT)
4. Nakeru Basho (泣ける場所) (DIVA)

A great addition to your Jpop collection! This auction item available only in United States and Canada.

The much-vaunted theater edition! Yes, this means it’s a version that can only be found if you went to the theater where AKB48 performs, so it has an aura of actually being there, of taking part in the AKB experience in its most basic form. And remember, you’re helping out a good cause!