IW Charity Auction: Featured Item #44 & 45 – Momoiro Clover “Pinky Jones” LE C CD-DVD

Momoiro Clover “Pinky Jones” Limited Edition C CD-DVD and another copy from Ron of Idol Eyez
North American auction, ends Apr 26th @ 9pm EDT

Momoiro Clover “Pinky Jones” Limited Edition C CD-DVD, still in its shrink wrap. Track List:

1. Pinky Jones (ピンキージョーンズ)
2. Coco☆nuts (ココ☆ナツ)
3. Kimi to Sekai (キミとセカイ)
4. Pinky Jones (off vocal ver.) (ピンキージョーンズ)
5. Coco☆nuts (off vocal ver.) (ココ☆ナツ)
6. Kimi to Sekai (off vocal ver.) (キミとセカイ)

The DVD features the PV to Kimi to Sekai (キミとセカイ). Two copies of this item are available and listed in separate auctions.

A great addition to your Jpop collection! This auction item available only in United States and Canada.

While not as big as AKB48 or Hello! Project, Momoclo has caught the attention of idol watchers and looks poised to join the big girls of the idol world. Now that they have dropped a member and added a new letter to their name, this release seems to come from a simpler time for the group, an era that may be seen as the “early years” as they move on to better things. So why not get in on the ground floor of these budding idol sensations – and in doing so, help out for a good cause? (Picture of the back cover of CD – with photo of the actual idols – is available at the eBay links.)

Also, special thanks to Ron offering these and the “Beginner” CDs for the auction when he heard what we were doing! It meant a lot that somebody outside our usual circle would step up and help in such a manner, reminding us that as fellow wota we all have a stake in Japan’s well-being.