IW Charity Auction: Featured Item #56 – Two H!P Bumper Stickers (Nacchi and MK)

Two Hello! Project Bumper Stickers (Natsumi Abe and Melon Kinenbi) from Ray of American Wota North American auction, ends Apr 26th @ 9pm EDT Bumper stickers of Abe Natsumi and Melon Kinenbi. Dimensions 10 inch by 5 inch. Bought from the Hello! Project Information Village in Waikiki, Hawaii around 2005. A great addition to your Jpop collection! This auction item available only in United States and Canada. These are pretty nice. It helps if you’re a Nacchi and/or Melon fan, of course. I didn’t have a car in Hawaii, so I don’t know what I was thinking. But these would look just as good on your wall as on your car, and will likely last longer, too.